Recommend re-scheduled week 33 matches w882016-2017 method

Beijing time 02:45 a.m on April 15, 2017, 33 rounds, ligue 1 angers home to Paris.Angers currently ranked 12th championship, the uefa events are slim, but away from the relegation zone has the advantage of eight points, the team is not much avoid relegation pressure at present.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/4/15 (Saturday)02:45angersParis st, 2017/4/15 (Saturday)23:00niceNancy 2017/4/16 (Sunday)2:00macecaen 2017/4/16 (Sunday)2:00guingampToulouse, 2017/4/16 (Sunday)2:00Montpellier,lorient 2017/4/16 (Sunday)2:00RyanLyon 2017/4/16 (Sunday)03:00MonacoDijon 2017/4/16 (Sunday)At 21:00nantesbordeaux 2017/4/16 (Sunday)23:00bastiaLyon 2017/4/17 (Monday)03:00marseilleSt. dean

Angers VS Paris st,

data interpretation

1, fighting nearly six times, angers 0-2 4, into three goals and conceded 14 goals, three big ball, the ball three times.Last meeting in method re-scheduled week 15 rounds of the season, angers away 2-0 against Paris saint germain.

39 points 2, angers, currently ranked 12th in the league, the best overall performance.Angers the recent state some decline, home 1-0 defeat by Monaco, nearly 2 rounds of French all negative.But the home still sharp, nearly 9 home game 6 win 2 draw, show strong strength at home.

3, Paris is currently 71 points ranked second in the league, and leaders of Monaco or 3 points, are left little league cannot be lax.Recent hitmen, Paris last round ligue 1′s 4-0 victory over guingamp, nearly 5 battle all the victory.Away more fierce, harvest for three winning streak, and nearly 10 foot away win nine games, only lost to Barcelona in the champions league.

Competition intelligence,

1, angers right-back, main striker Andrew Billy to injury, backup guard issa momo sissoko in suspension.

2, angers of Paris has never been better than in recent years, the trailing comprehensively.

Three main, ParisMidfielder thiago motta, main defender silva, mas mourinho to injury.

4, Paris recently had five wins in a row, keep each at least 2 goals, scoring the fire.
Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game 1-1.5 ball recommend Paris st germain.

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