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How to transfer to the “pit bull super game?

Games belong to super bullfighting 】 【 【 chess classes], purse the name is:【 super pit + Texas mahjong 】.

Please choose to center the purse 】 【 【 super pit + mahjong 】 Texas, input amount, click on the “confirm”.The diagram below:

How super bullfight game?

“The bull”Temporarily provide only android download version of the game interface simple and easy to understand.The diagram below:

Figure 1:11 21998871611219982387Shown here is in the “pit bull super game nickname, after the first login the game needs to be set to the game, once will not be able to modify the Settings, but is free to change.

Figure 2:11 21998871611219982387Shown here is the “super bullfight” cash balance, because the super bullfighting and Texas mahjong is a common purse, so here to seeIs the balance of the two games.

Figure 3:11 21998871411219982387In the game is divided into “cash desk” and “free table” two, after the choice can be seen in figure 3 two categories: the table type and two kinds of classification table list.

Now offer you a free table and the cash desk 】 【 】, is divided into: cash table 】 【 new table small endowment table 】 【 】 【 local tyrants table 】 a variety of betting type, meet your needs all kinds of games!

Table type The minimum bet amount Commission The minimum value of join New table1 yuan3%15 yuan Small endowment the table5 yuan3%75 yuan Local tyrants tableTen yuan3%150 yuan

The table list:

Enter the table list, players can see all the current type is the game table for details of the game, players can join want to join the game table according to individual demand, in the table list, players can more freely choose game tableIn the game.

Free table function keys are the same, just can provide the player to try to experience the game.

Figure 4:11 21998871811219982387″Contact us” betting record 】 【 respectively [offer] [game] [money] [set] function keys.

The betting record 】

Figure 1:11 21998871411219982387According to the total within a specified time, win situation, as shown in the figure from 2017-04-06 to 2017-04-06 this account is negative profit of 50.03 yuan.

Figure 2:11 21998871411219982387Select query betting record time, select the range cannot be more than 30 days, if there will be prompted to within the prescribed time.

Figure 3:11 21998871411219982387With a single number.


Figure 4:11 21998871211219982387Game in the table, show the minimum 15 yuan to buy the cash desk.

Figure when 21998871211219982387Click to view after authorities details of the game card type.The diagram below:

Figure 1:11 21998871211219982387Shows the commission percentage extraction by authorities.

Figure 2:11 21998871211219982387Shows the banker nickname from the authority.

When the log in the game, according to the different minimum purchase quota of each table, when players enter the need to choose to buy, if below:

Players in the game process, if the money is less than the minimum purchase amount, the system will prompt the customer to replenish funds again, as follows:


Super bullfighting is up to 6 people, at least two people to start the game.In the game is 1Bookmakers and five sent home respectively to compare the card type size, six players in the game can be rob zhuang, according to the personal willingness if 6 people apply for rob zhuang, then the system will randomly assigned banker, if none of the six players rob zhuang, the system will be randomly assigned.

Card type:

In the super bullfighting, J, Q, K, as at 10 o ‘clock.The system will send five CARDS to each player, five CARDS on the composition, divided into three CARDS left hand and right hand card two, in the game, players need to use three of five CARDSIn multiples of 10 CARDS, composition, such as 10, 30, if 10 multiples of three CARDS, known as an ox, and then use the rest of the two CARDS combined the actual points, this step is the same as the baccarat, combined to 0 points, 10 of 11 for 1 point.

Example: a player five CARDS are J, 2,6,8,3, first set the left three CARDS, rounding up 10 or 10 multiples.Respectively is: J, 8, 2, because of these two ways are multiples of 10, cattle brand, known as an ox, and then use the remaining two CARDS together

Example: the left hand card J, 8, 2 = 20 is 10 multiples (called an ox), the rest of the right hand card 6 + 3 = 9, finally the right card for 9 points, now known as the nine cattle card type.Specific brand type size is as follows:

The CARDS in niuniu, according to the different type, there are different multiple awards:

In the game, players can receive the type of card, at the same time also quick tips you can use the system function check and confirm the biggest type, as follows:


The biggest in the super bullfighting is niuniu, if, there will be a special composition.

Unlimited play anytime and anywhere, get in quick game mode win a bonus of up to 15 times, immediately login game win awards ~

Game if you have any questions, please contact us in time 7 x24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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