The w88 fishing

The fishing world 】 Dive into the deep sea, catch more fish and gold!The mobile version and web version update, to experience a new fishing game brings the infinite fun ~

New GG platform, create unique fishing interface!You are also looking for fun fishing game?Play fishing all together, more exciting more rewards!

Pay attention to oh ~ Due to fishing in the world is independent game wallet, so you are inBefore the game need to transfer the required amount to the account F3 fishing world 】 【.The diagram below:

After the success of the transfer, you can login to the game page chang shuang fishing world 】 【.The diagram below:

In the fishing world game is divided into three levels in the room.Please select the appropriate games into the room.The diagram below:

Novice room: betting gold ratio is 1-9,

gold COINS

Elite room: betting amount ratio of 1-100,

gold COINS

Imperial house: betting amount ratio for 1001000-1000 gold COINS

Cash gold scale: 1 = $10, gold COINS.As shown in the above, small make up have been successfully transfer 100 yuan to the fishing game wallet all over the world, so $100 X10 = 100 gold COINS.You can think of 1000 gold (into) in the game, and fully take 】 【 can also manually enter click [take currency] specifies the amount of gold COINS.The diagram below:

After successful exchange gold COINS.Dive into the deep sea, capture more fish and gold COINS!

Your positionWill show the account name is: the W88 + your account (fishing world game code).After entering the game interface with deep sea fishing is roughly same, the following graph:

1. Set the function keys, enter all the information can be set up after the game, such as sound Settings and odds table, etc.After clicking on the following figure:

2. K increased bets gold lines of each gun, J gold lines to reduce devote every gun.

3. The need to pay attention to, in the process of game, a fish alone, if you use mouse click system is automatically lockedThis fish, if you need to cancel can click on other fish.

4. Top-down is quit the game room, respectively, to increase or reduce the gold coin in the game room, can be understood as a withdrawal of gold or deposits of gold to the game room.The last one is automatic firing button, if you want to cancel the click on it again.

If the player out of the room, will be prompted to the corresponding information.The diagram below:

If you have any question in the process of game, please contact us in time 7 x24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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