Recommend 2016-2017 west yet 18 matches

At 11:15 PM Beijing time on January 14th, the 2016/17 season started the Spanish league 18th round will focus, in Barcelona at home to las palmas, enrique team in the league in trouble, in six games, they only scored two victories, integral by real Madrid gradually off, in the face of las palmas, Barcelona win only one path.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/1/14 (Saturday)00 PMHe inbilbao 2017/1/14 (Saturday)Hands onBarcelonaLas palmas 2017/1/15 (Sunday)01:30Atletico Madridbetis 2017/1/15 (Sunday)03:45deportivovillarreal 2017/1/15 (Sunday)At 19:00valenciaThe Spanish 2017/1/15 (Sunday)Hands onceltaAllah’s 2017/1/16 (Monday)01:30granadaosasuna 2017/1/16 (Monday)01:30gijonMr Anwar 2017/1/16 (Monday)03:45sevillaReal Madrid 2017/1/17 (Tuesday)03:45malagaThe royal society

Barcelona VS las palmas,


In Spanish history, a total of the two sides met 64 times, 38-7 level, Barcelona goal for 144-58.At home against las palmas, Barcelona record of 27-3 flat and goal for 101-19.Barcelona lost at home to las palmas last time, occurred in the third round in the 71/72 season, Barcelona 1 at that time2 we lose.

Las palmas has always been hard to chew bones, it, besides Lionel messi Barcelona need other players to stand up.Hutchison entertainment as wolfsburg bundesliga 2016/17 season only online sports club sponsors, also pay attention to the rest of the European football event.In event perspective analysis of the Spanish league 18th round, barca VS las palmas it, watch the Barcelona win rebound.


History of the two sides met 70 times, 42-7-21, Barcelona lost 159 goals in 159;Among themLa liga met 64 times, Barcelona 38-7 level, throw a ball at 60, 144 goals.32 won 4-3 league games Barcelona 27-3-2, 101 goals in 19 goals.The two teams last season’s league meetings twice, Barcelona two games are a 2-1 win, but win very difficult.And before the exchange dates back to the 2001/02 season, the season two teams both wars are a draw.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend Barcelona let the game 2.5 ball games.

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