W88 casino DE w88 – bonus code quick function keys

Optimal DE W88, dedicated to provide the perfect service for the players, the most comprehensive of the game, and the optimization of operating system.The optimal DE W88 – bonus code quick function key 】 now so login, login immediately experience ~

Please choose in the condition of [login], [purse transfer].The diagram below:

Drop-down menu in the bottom of the page will display your member level corresponding game product bonus code.The diagram below:

“The strong> small make up to 20% of the new members to apply for the first deposit bonus, for example:

Please select your game bonus code, check before the discount.After check, game [into] the purse and bonus code will automatically update in the above transfer page.The diagram below:

(this function key advantages: you don’t need to manual operation “into the wallet” and “bonus item code”, save you valuable game time!)

Please input your wallet transfer amount, click 【 confirm 】.The diagram below:

Warm prompt: every newMembers can only apply for a first stock dividend discount, and each can only choose a game product!

Your withdrawal or transfer to apply for bonus bet the request to transfer funds.Water: the principal + bonus) water multiples of


According to the page you choose whether to continue, please.The diagram below:

Quick money transfer, a key, is so much!!!!!!Hurry up to

If you have any questions, please contact us in time 7 x24 hours onlineClothing.We will serve you wholeheartedly!

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