W88 optimal DE w88 】 【 2015-2016 the Italian football league second round schedule

Beijing time on August 30th 00:00, (Sunday) will soon celebrate the Italian football league 2015-2016 in the second round, here small make up a few games to bring you a simple analysis, and event management.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2015/8/30(Sunday)00:00bolognaMr Solow 2015/8/30(Sunday)02:45AC milanempoli 2015/8/31(Monday)00:00The RomanJuventus 2015/8/31(Monday)02:45Atlanta,In the Florida cigna 2015/8/31(Monday)02:45Carl skinInter milan 2015/8/31(Monday)02:45chievolazioThe 2015/8/31(Monday)02:45Genoaverona 2015/8/31(Monday)02:45Naplessampdoria 2015/8/31(Monday)02:45Turin,Florence 2015/8/31(Monday)02:45udinesePalermo

1, AC milan VS empoli

Milan in the first round of the game on the road is more strong team against fiorentina.Has been away from home, played 12 shots, one of the eight shots were opponent in the range of the goal.Milan he hadn’t a shot in the range of the goal.Milan in the warm-up before, performance is differ, but against all loss, strength strong teams start is a failure.There are a number of players to join this season, but they seemed to be no better striker shot task, don’t know return balotelli can help the team goals.

The guestEmpoli last games against chievo’s strength is not strong, they are a bigger than 3 score defeat at home.If from the defensive point of view, a little disappointing.

Optimal DE w88, western sports remind: milan after losing the first game, there should be have some face.But this time the game from the both sides of the power for the home team should be very bad.

2, Roman VS Juventus in

At verona, roma in serie a this season first round but to 1-1The end of the game, the team was a possession rate of 66%, completely pressure opponent, the team had shot 21 shots on eight times, they don’t score is gaining on the offensive end. All 6 shot only 1 times respectively.

Juventus this season opener at home defeat, allegri tactics into question.Juve coach allegri can consider to change himself has been sticking to the tactics of design, kua Della more in the position of the right and the right side who have had excellent play,  allegri can completely give up 4312, 433 and 352 the two formations.

Optimal DEW88 western sports remind: the home team new season opener in a draw, from the perspective of the content of the game, edin dzeko and salah attacker isn’t the best.The visiting team the first round of the shock loss, the market pay more attention to Rome.Both paid great attention to the game, Juventus want to win on the road is not easy, home of Rome should be given attention.

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