W88 casino spittor club – PS platform

New “PS” spittor club slot machine platform, hot on the slot machine game, more than 30 new add more fun for you, quick to experience win bonuses!

Playson or PS platform, is a newly established a dynamic game company, based in Malta.With rich industry experience, Playson has become a successful software development company, providing a complete game development service, 30 + Flash (desktop) and HTML 5 (mobile phone) games, as well as custom game design.Original casino games, slot machines, skills, and social game is leading high-definition images and innovative technology.

Playson prepares for the 2017 ICE game industry expo, the exhibition will be the popularity of the HTML 5 slot machine game – the Art of the Heist.Playson using HTML 5 release all new works, has launched a new framework, to cope with Chrome no longer enabled by default Flash player.

As is known to all, Google Chrome no longer open Flash Player plugin by default, this trend is likely to continue.Playson has released several best-selling all channel slot machine game, including the “Art of the Heist”, “Spell Craft”, as well as the recently released “Christmas Eve”.All games will use HTML 5 players, channel to launch.New game has shown better performance and faster loading speed, graphics animation effects to be more perfect, better match new swimmingThe user interface.Playson top game converts all HTML 5 framework.

Spittor PS platform, new game transfer will also be added to the optimal DE reality + other 】 【 wallet.The diagram below:

Transfer from the center of the purse “to” optimal DE reality + other 】 the purse.The diagram below:

PS platform has been added to the spittor club.The diagram below:

Into the spittor club drop-down menu, select “all games” click “PS 】 platform, can find the PS platform for all new game.You can also in the “search” bar type game name fast lookup.The diagram below:

Spittor PS platform on the slot machine game, more than 30 new hot there is always a right for you.The diagram below:

A new platform, a new experience.Log rotation win awards ~


Warm prompt: if you are in spittor club.net platform game, you just put the money transfer to the.net spittor 】 the purse.Spittor club2 platform, is a different game wallet oh ~

If you have any questions, please contact us 7 x24 hours online customer service.We will serve you wholeheartedly!

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