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Method currently sit on January 14, 20 rounds in Beijing time 03:45 formally started in the morning, lille at home against st. dean.Truce ligue 1 close to a month later, the early hours of Saturday morning will reignite the fighting.The two teams are similar gas, tonight and they need a wound.In recent years, the two sides met with the outcome, this season the first battle, the st. dean had 3-1 defeats at home a few people of lille, the war at the team hopes to double.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/1/14 (Saturday)03:45lilleSt. dean 2017/1/15 (Sunday)00:00RyanSt germain 2017/1/15 (Sunday)03:00angersbordeaux 2017/1/15 (Sunday)03:00lorientguingamp 2017/1/15 (Sunday)03:00Montpellier,Dijon 2017/1/15 (Sunday)03:00NancyNancy 2017/1/15 (Sunday)03:00Toulouse,nantes 2017/1/15 (Sunday)22:00nicemace 2017/1/16 (Monday)00:00caenLyon 2017/1/16 (Monday)04:00marseilleMonaco

Lille VS st. dean

The score data 】 【

1, a 1-1 draw at lille last French home Ryan, nearly two rounds one and losing one continuous.

2, lille, averaging nearly 10 games scored only 1 ball.

3, lille last nine league home games without conceding only 1.

4, st. dean nearly two rounds of ligue 1 1 draw, the mostNearly five rounds of French only beat guingamp (1-2-2), nearly nine rounds of league won just two games.

5, st. dean a total of nearly 10 games into the sheet number is 7.

6, st. dean this season in the first leg 3-1 defeat at lille.

Lille and st. Ann are located in the middle reaches of the premier league, from the point of this season, the strength of the two teams is very close.However, from the past record of the clash, lille at home in the face of st. dean advantage is very obvious.So the game at home of lille better look up the line.

The optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended lille to 0-0.5 – the game.

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