W88 casino the Asian World Cup qualifiers “China VS South Korea”

Win!The Chinese team win!!!!!!Congratulations to the Chinese men’s team, and finally to all Chinese citizens face!The against South Korea, thad incident after the Chinese grievances are dissatisfied with the south Korean too much, just yesterday & # 8230;Anger at last!!!!!!

12 strong competition for the 2018 World Cup qualifier in Asia China VS South Korea

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time: Beijing time late capacity on March 23,

Location: hunan changsha he long stadium in

Nature of the game: the World Cup qualifier in Asia 12


Against both sides: China VS South Korea

VS South Korea between Chinese football history:

China and South Korea after the two living field meet heats, in the 14th World Cup finals in Asia in 1989, the 1-0 defeat, 12 strong competition in the first round of last year, the team’s2-3 defeat away from home.

(Beijing time) the evening of March 23, 2018 World Cup qualifier, Asia top 12 6 matches the Chinese national men’s soccer in changsha’s 1-0 win over South Korea.On 35 minutes, zhang linpeng raises corner for China, but Mrs Wang’s passing header great treasure.China has achieved 12 win their first game of A strong, has also made after the takeover coach marcello lippi’s first victory, and it is also the Chinese men’s team in the history of international grade A second victory over South Korea.

The team’s top 5 round 2 minus 3 onlyGet two points, South Korea is three wins and a draw 1 minus 10 in group 2 respectively.Whether the home win over South Korea directly decides the team’s survival in the group struggle hope, together with the team’s first win after for lippi, caused the fans opinion attaches great importance to the game.Lippi to discharge the 4-3-3 attack formation, junmin hao zheng in midfield with dilute zhe zhang, lei, Mrs Wang and combination of great treasure attack.Who was suspended for South Korea’s star cloth Min, send sincere agent, zi and ji dong-won zhe team, led by Europe player still clearly aimed at winning attitude.


nearly 40000 Chinese fans as he long sports center in changsha build an atmosphere of warm red, many fans wearing “changsha” theme words in red.After opening the Chinese team quickly and implement of the theme, Mrs Wang go be rob send sincere foul, caused a free-kick with zhang linpeng angle-of-attack goalkeeper ball high.The fierce confrontation in midfield, growing fouls in start stage.China on the south Korean midfielder send sincere agent took a key player.

Lei side impact after twice appeared offside, the race to 8 minutes when lei use speed on South Korea formed a substanceKiller, ji dong-won midfielder was forced to pull people being booked a foul.But China’s free kick hit again by determining offside.The Chinese team in 10 minutes before the game in midfield, with the obtained the certain effect but anti-rotating attack too impatient.After 10 minutes frequency obviously improve the impact of South Korea, Kim jin soo’s cross from the left and Li Ting association of stealing the ball in the terminal to the Chinese team defence a certain pressure.

The 13th minute, the Chinese team on the right side of the foul ball with zhang linpeng sends out the high quality quick cross, flank slightly missed the ball when the great treasure, flood damage the ball out of the bottom line.After this poolEast yuan cut inside the right goal to complete the first shot, the ball more did not pose a threat.The 18th minute, Li Ting association outside long shots above the bar.

China in the 20th minute in front on the right to form the continuous transfer, although not essential offensive formation, but reflects the last round of world war I draw with Qatar charged with bright color.After ji dong-won elano nearly made South Korea form forward pitfalls, after this danger appears lippi got up quickly, using body language to remind players.

On 29 minutes, the Chinese team to useLi rong slip faults threaten the offensive, lei advance ginobli area after the ball, great treasure in the box on the left side of the oblique is blocked by South Korea’s goalkeeper QuanChun Thai.South Korea is also a swift stroke returned offensive threat, south city before the box out of goal slightly wide.

The 34th minute, active forms after zhang linpeng cooperate with dilute zhe zhang road forward, he was hung volley from outside the box just off the bottom line.Using the corner kick opportunity, the Chinese team scored in the 35th minute: Mrs Wang will be on the left side of the front corner to, great treasureWent to easy Angle after headed the ball into the goal.This is the team’s “blessing” great treasure he long sports center in changsha fifth goal of the game 5, the great treasure is the most impressive goal rain war over Iraq.

Sheet after South Korea’s rapid advance the formation, the impact on the Chinese team efforts continued ascension, the Chinese team is taking shape in the defense retracement, endgame in the first half of the defensive pressure is still increasing.42 minutes, ji dong-won right permeate the ball into the Chinese team penalty area, southern Thailand city play ball moment zheng has made the key block;In South Korea a corner shape againAs a goal, ji dong-won header is high.45 minutes, and South Korea to permeate into the box on the left, Kim jin soo cross when the ball hit the Feng Xiaoting pop up on the bottom line, nearly there own goal.

After a period of sustained impact with the first half, South Korea will half-court ball rate increase 60%, but South Korea has not been 5 shots shots on goal in the first half goal.At the end of the half-court team 1-0 lead.China two half-court 4 shots on target, offside number of times are far more than 8-1 South Korea.

Easy edge after South Korea Kim shin-wook high center, ChinaThe team also change, Wu Xi lei need to be replaced.Kim shin-wook reflect high ferry effect quickly, with zi zhe has made a certain danger in the interior of China area.In South Korea after a sustained impact, zhang linpeng steals the ball for the Chinese team in the 50th minute lead to fast break, junmin hao on the cross, Mrs Wang’s header from beneath the just off the bottom line.

South Korea active ball situation surrounding Kim shin-wook looking for aircraft, China continued defensive in waiting for fast counter-attack opportunity, the two sides formed a sustained rallies.58 minutes, dilute zhe zhang leads China fast break opportunities and great treasure cut inside the left goalThe ball straight into the QuanChun bosom.Zheng backcourt stealing the ball after the ball hard to get rid of, South Korea’s final send sincere goal form a threat in the terminal, Ceng Cheng dive off the ball.

After one hour marcello lippi for the second change, Yin Hongbo Mrs Wang need to be replaced.Yin Hongbo through after China cup form superior performance in the national team.The 61th minute, after the midfielder steal junmin hao China form a continuous transmission, a rare zhe the ball into the box, great treasure oblique slant.Then send sincere middle boot from made threats, Ceng Cheng the ball will be saved.South Korea continue to strengthen the attack, and send the attacker Huang Xican.

The 68th minute, zhang linpeng influence on the offensive, junmin hao and dilute zhe zhang continuous forming low back to knock ably, Wu Xi finish is in the terminal QuanChun flies off the bottom line.China’s fast break several times in reflect the composition on the basis of continued ascension, threatening QuanChun Thai nervously with South Korea back to the account.The 70th minute, dilute zhang zhe peripheral blast hit a certain level, the ball narrowly wide from.Since Yin Hongbo being booked for foul tackle behind.

Feng Xiaoting embodies the limit Kim shin-wook continuouslyFunction, forward also even when the ball has the performance of the attack, also in the frontcourt performed one-on-one.But Korea high ball threat is still in the body, the 75th minute, nan tai bo forced out of the left then, vacancy place of ji dong-won header was Ceng Cheng off.China in the last change, yuning zhang for great treasure.

The 81th minute, South Korea are also continuously formed in the corner of header, guard near the post Wu Xi with chest off the ball.Continued into the finale, South Korea before the big pressure to permeate, China actively defensiveAt the same time using continuous make South Korea a foul ball.

The 89th minute, Feng Xiaoting once again steals the ball and the ball is formed on the organization, Yin Hongbo side when the ball fell, Huang Xican some rough ground brandish leg kick the ball on the edge of Yin Hongbo leg pressure, Feng Xiaoting forward reprimanded Huang Xican also formed confrontation, both players together make the scene is very chaotic, lippi was furious.Huang Xican silence didn’t refereeing decisions.

Into four minutes stoppage time, the Chinese team fans cheer at the scene of defending, attacking the yuning zhang and Yin Hongbo quickly formedSiege door, yuning zhang had got the good opportunity, but failed to grasp.Eventually the Chinese team 1-0 win over South Korea.

The next station, the Chinese team will play against Iran.I wish our Chinese athletes can keep up the good work, the better grades!China refueling, the Chinese team win!!!!!!

On March 28, 2017, 8 (Tuesday) night, fans please look ~

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