W88 Asian World Cup qualifiers “Iran VS China”

Beijing time on March 28, 2017, 8 points, the Chinese national team will be in Russia in 2018 12 strong in the seventh round of the Asian World Cup qualifiers, at Tehran’s azadi stadium challenge this group of “leaders” of Iran.

China will challenge the Persian fighters on the road, after the Asian football field of Syria and South Korea are with the first in Asia to defeat the devil at azadi stadium, this is for disaster.

China and Iran the race meetings took place in the last time2007 Asian cup group stage, the team’s in the case of a 2-0 lead has been even after 2 balls, eventually regret and Iran 2-2 shaking hands.

In addition, the 2004 Asian cup semi-final, the team’s also once and Iran, through a penalty shootout, eliminate a rival team’s final, also broke every opponent ten year cycle.

World Cup games, of course, the team’s play and Iran’s memory is not good, ten strong matches in 1997, known as the strongest in the history of the team’s confrontation with Iran, with 2-4 and 1 -Double 4 were rivals, failed to get the French World Cup tickets.

Even so, at present the team’s voice is still a a little high, the as can overcome Iran’s national soccer team will continue to defend for opportunities, such as not efforts will go into a period for five years.This can reproduce the glory of victory over South Korea, we wait and see!

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