Put another preferential w88VIP a birth month – surprise

Surprise birthday month month, pack a red envelope to you!
Distinguished VIP/gold/platinum diamond membership, if this month is your birthday, you are VIP exclusive please contact customer service to receive the birthday big red envelopes: put another preferential dividends as high as 3688 yuan!

Rules and terms:

  1. This offer is suitable for the dollar, the yuan, dong, Indonesian rupiah and the Thai baht, Malaysian ringgit, andWon the registered account.
  2. This offer only applies to the VIP gold, platinum and diamond level optimal DE W88 members.
  3. Conform to the requirements of the member’s birthday that month, a new deposits can enjoy preferential, once again to save the details are as follows:
    The VIP leveldividendsThe highest dividend amountMultiple water Gold membership28%6005 Platinum member68%18005 Diamond membership88%36885
  4. Birthday month deposit discount only applied for another game product and complete the corresponding water.
  5. Before the deposit, please contact the VIP exclusive customer service, help you to carry out the deposit and help you to apply for the birthday money.
  6. Annual birthday month each member can only attain a secondary to discount.
  7. Cannot be used in conjunction with the first deposit, water and other put another rebates to be Shared.
  8. Optimal DE W88, provide the offer only applies to entertaining players, optimal DE W88Members shall have the right at any time for all members, or cancel this offer.
  9. Optimal DE W88, general terms and conditions and rules applied to this offer.

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