W88.com recommended 24 matches of the bundesliga, 2016-2017

Beijing time on March 11, 2017 at 03:30 points, the bundesliga round 24 officially, bayer leverkusen v werder Bremen.Bayer leverkusen in bayer arena match against werder Bremen.Currently bayer leverkusen in all competitions burnley, the team ranking is declining, state bad;Werder Bremen last round to win but after had three straight, smooth to escape the relegation zone.Whether the game, you wait and see!

Game date Time The home team The visiting team 2017/3/11 (Saturday)03:30Bayer leverkusenWerder Bremen 2017/3/11 (Saturday)22:30Bayern MunichFrankfurt

2017/3/11 (Saturday)22:30Hertha BerlinBorussia Dortmund 2017/3/11 (Saturday)22:30RB leipzigWolfsburg, 2017/3/11 (Saturday)22:30darmstadtmainz 2017/3/11 (Saturday)22:30freiburghoffenheim 2017/3/12 (Sunday)01:30Because of the gore Tuesdaycologne 2017/3/12 (Sunday)22:30Schalke 04augsburg 2017/3/13 (Monday)00:30HamburgThe door is popular

Bayer leverkusen v werder Bremen

Match analysis:

1, the home side bayer leverkusen on a round of league trip were 2-6 borussia Dortmund, the teams were all competitions three losses, the team ranking is declining, bad condition.

2, then, bayer leverkusen club coach schmidt class officially.Less than 24 hours, bayer leverkusen have found schmidt’s successor,Turks tayfun kohl Kurt will serve as a temporary coach lead pharmaceutical factory in until the end of the season.

3, the visitors’ Bremen recent is constantly in preparation for relegation, Bremen 2-0 in their last game against darmstadt, harvest three successive premiership, more than a sweep previous games without a win.

4, but the distance to the relegation zone, only 2 points still not to rest easy, including two away games, many games in a row on the road has the goal, to look up.

5, against, trailing the two sides met, bayer leverkusen nearly three times in the face of noBremen have suffered defeat, the team at a disadvantage.

Comprehensive analysis:

The two teams are opposite.All records and clash, about 3 times bayer leverkusen defeat to werder Bremen, has no resistance.

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