Recommend west re-scheduled week 27, 2016-2017 matches

03:45 Beijing time on March 11, the morning, the 2016/17 season in la liga will be shown at the end of the week 27 wheel first fight back, by the Spanish in at home to las palmas.Spaniard down nearly 26 games 9-9 draws 8 record, in ninth place, at present, we still have nine points in Spanish from the war zone, in the remaining 11 cases, round team hit the prospect is not optimistic in war zones, the spaniards the game at home in the face of las palmas must focus more on defending at home.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/3/11 (Saturday)03:45The SpanishLas palmas 2017/3/11 (Saturday)00 PMvalenciagijon 2017/3/11 (Saturday)Hands onsevillaHe in 2017/3/12 (Sunday)01:30malagaAllah’s 2017/3/12 (Sunday)03:45granadaAtletico Madrid 2017/3/12 (Sunday)At 19:00The royal societybilbao 2017/3/12 (Sunday)Hands ondeportivoBarcelona 2017/3/13 (Monday)01:30celtathanLeah real 2017/3/13 (Monday)03:45Real Madridbetis 2017/3/14 (Tuesday)03:45osasunaMr Anwar

Spanish VS las palmas,

The data interpretation 】

1, the spaniards on round trip finished 2-0 defeat to rivals villarreal, recent five rounds of league 1 win 1 draw and 3 negative, only defeat during vice President osasuna.

2, the Spanish last four home win 3 games, only defeat to the royal society, the recent 5-4-1, 10 home nearly seven home 5-1-1, winning percentage.

3, las palmas on 5-2 rounds of la liga home victory over osasuna, vice President finally broke after 6 round continuous be awkward;Las palmas last 15 games each round has conceded, lost nearly 10 rounds averaging 1.7 goals.

4, las palmas nearly 10 beat atletico Madrid road in the king’s cup, nearly 10 league away three draws and seven defeats are continuously, than 10 gamesA total of only scored nine goals, lost 2.3 ball, defence obvious instability.

5, las palmas this season first leg 0-0 at home stuffy Spanish, the last three meetings between 1 win 1 draw 1 negative.

【 competition intelligence 】

1, in front of the spaniards a total of only 13 home win in five games.

2, on loan from milan home goalkeeper goalkeeper diego lopez said recently that people stay in Spain.In order to remain in Spain, the octopus was before taking advantage of the rest time to return to milan to the club made representations.

3, in front of the las palmas 12 league away won a total of only 1 (4-2 valencia).

4, las palmas coach dean said in an interview at the team’s future still exist certain variables.His speech caused as much as the Spanish team’s attention.The news that the malaga intended for signing dean is full of interest.

[dish analysis],

Both teams are ranked the middle of the table now, avoid relegation pressure is not big, also have limited upside.Although home overall winning percentage is not high, howeverThe home team Spanish battle achievement considerable recently.The las palmas away insect image is very deep, the recent momentum is bleak.Two teams fundamentals had formed under the condition of big contrast, the overall impression is still poor.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend las palmas refusal under hemisphere wins the game.

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