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Beijing time on March 9, 2017 (Thursday) morning 03:45, 2016-2017 season one 8 uefa champions league final to continue the second round, Barcelona in the nou camp stadium against Paris saint germain.Barcelona expedition were French 0-4 slaughter, first leg of the champions league knockout score also appear 58 times in history, no other times round the home team to pull away, the visiting team promotion probability 100%, can that Barcelona at home magic counter attack.

BarcelonaROM the VS Paris st germain

History of engagement:

History of the two sides met 10 times, Barcelona have 4-3-3 grades.1994-95 season in the quarter-finals of the champions league draw Barcelona home and away is a 2-1 loss to Paris.Europe, 1996-1996 season winners semi-final, Barcelona 1-0 to win.2012-13 season in the champions league quarter-finals, with Paris draw Barcelona objective.In 2013-14 sail champions league, Barcelona away defeats at home is 2 to 1 victory.2014-15 season champions league four pointsOne of the final, Barcelona 3 to 1, the 2-0 win at home.With Barcelona first leg defeat, the two teams on the trailing more balance.

The recent record:

Barcelona last weekend league at home against celta, Lionel messi in the first half to complete several people break drama, he then assists in maldives to expand the score;Messi reentry 1 ball and assists in the second half um deedee a debut goal, lucky vidic also.After the final victory over Barcelona home celta, a friendly, Barcelona 60 points in the league, still lead with a real one.

Paris st germainLeague last weekend at home to Nancy, in the first stage, both offensively, but failed to break the team of two teams, 45 minutes before the game with a 0-0 draw.Easy edge to fight again, Paris striker cavani kick, then both sides have no accomplishment, Paris final 1-0 win over south tin.

Look out for:

Red and blue first-leg defeat suffered 0 to 4, the game, the performance of Lionel messi are regarded as Barcelona lost the culprit.However, messi last weekend league dedicated 2 goals and 2 assists and managed a goal, helping the team beat crossSweep slouches celta, have 4 consecutive scoring goals for Barcelona won at the same time, the state is very hot, messi’s status will be the key to Barcelona could perform miracles.

Suarez is the European golden boot winner last season, he scored 23 goals league top scorer.But in the list of the European golden boot, the current leader is scored 27 goals of card varney.Ibrahimovic after leave, cavani kicked off the world-class level at center.This Uruguay double gun ii is also the focus of the field.

This season’s Paris st germain invited Mr Merry teaching purpose is to hope to be able to in the champions leagueThe breakthrough, but Mr Merry’s seven four wins three champions league unbeaten, for European competition capability became apparent, but Mr Merry nine times in the history of fell at the nou camp have this led power and status are not losing to Barcelona greater expedition to the nou camp again, can you break this embarrassing record, for the first time from the nou camp and worthy of attention.

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