Recommend w88 casino2016-2017 premier league 27 matches

Beijing time on March 4, 2017 (Saturday night), 20 premier league round of 27 open in an all-round way, including Manchester united at old trafford against bournemouth.Currently ranked sixth in the league table of Manchester united at bournemouth at 14th.

Date of Time The home team The the visiting team 2017/3/4 (Saturday)Manner ofManchester unitedbournemouth 2017/3/4 (Saturday)23:00LesterHull city 2017/3/4 (Saturday)23:00Stoke citymiddlesbrough
2017/3/4 (Saturday)23:00Swanseaburnley 2017/3/4 (Saturday)23:00watfordSouthampton 2017/3/4 (Saturday)23:00West bromThe crystal palace 2017/3/5 (Sunday)01:30LiverpoolArsenal 2017/3/5 (Sunday)At 21:30spurseverton 2017/3/6 (Monday)00:00sunderlandManchester city 2017/3/7 (weeks2)04:00West hamChelsea

Manchester united VS bournemouth,

The red devils in good condition recently, they have made it a wave of six wins in all competitions.First the 25th and 26th chakras in the league, Manchester united in the 3-0 victory over the defending champions leicester city and 2 to 0 victory over watford at home, then the 1/16 champions league cup final, they were two rounds of competition in the total score 4-0 eliminated ligue 1 st. dean, kill into the last 16.While England league at the weekendIn the cup final, united with zlatan ibrahimovic scored twice, the final 3-2 win over Southampton, got the first title this season.

As the league cup on, united are still three fronts, also still have theoretically seizes the chance that three champions league again.The premier league they will be in the home game against the strength, the league has seven games without a win at bournemouth, due to the current league group of life in the fourth fifth Arsenal and Liverpool will talk directly, but they were ahead of united’s advantage is only 2 points and 1 minute, so as long as the reds beat bournemouth, then will say goodbye to the location of the league’s sixth for the time being.

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