Recommend west re-scheduled week 26, 2016-2017 matches

Beijing time on March 4 in the morning 03:45, 26 of the Spanish league round will be fully open, real betis and royal society will come first.The home side real betis hope that through the natural home of winning streaks, but the visitors of the royal society is hard for champions league qualification, struggle, which can get, is worth looking forward to!

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/3/4 (Saturday)03:45betisThe royal society 2017/3/4 (Saturday)00 PMHe ingranada 2017/ 3/4 (Saturday)Hands onMr AnwarReal Madrid 2017/3/5 (Sunday)01:30villarrealThe Spanish 2017/3/5 (Sunday)03:45Barcelonacelta 2017/3/5 (Sunday)At 19:00bushhongdeportivo 2017/3/5 (Sunday)Hands onAtletico Madridvalencia 2017/3/6 (Monday)01:30Las palmasosasuna 2017/3/6 (Monday)03:45bilbaomalaga

2017/3/7 (Tuesday)03:45Allah’ssevilla

Real betis VS royal society

The data interpretation 】

1, the game is re-scheduled week 26 rounds a matinee match.La liga is conducted were hanging this week, for the weaker teams is a bigger test.

2, real betis is general team.Their performance is 7-6 and 11 negative.Ranking in the table on the 14th.

3, real betis are home.They had in the previous game is a 1-1 draw at Barcelona.In game 2 to 1 defeat malaga.The team morale will increase.

4, the royal society is stronger team.Now they are being ranked in sixth place.Very hope to win the Europa league.

5, the royal society in game 2 to 2 draw with Mr Anwar.Team up to 15 shots, in return for only one point, is a pity.

6, the royal societyAt the recent eight games won six.Including the las palmas strong at home.

【 competition intelligence 】

1, now the pressure is not large, both sides of the fierce degree to the royal society on the road, the game still roughly a offensive game.The royal society is not much change on the squad.But may do moderate rotation.

2, the home team perform worse on the offensive end.They scored two goals in four games.While defender roberto carlos and captain joaquin will miss the game, a bit too defensive.

Optimal DEW88 western sports remind: recommended to draw the game.

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