Recommend 2016-2017 bundesliga 23 matches

Beijing time on March 4, 2017, at 3 a.m., the 16/17 season Germany’s serie a round of a game first, 23 augsburg host in leipzig, newly promoted RB challenge this season.Augsburg club official said before in order to prevent abuse of leipzig, must check the augsburg fans before the game into a banner, but augsburg fans were upset and confused.

Match dayIssue Time The home team The visiting team 2017/3/4 (Saturday)03:30augsburgRB leipzig 2017/3/4 (Saturday)22:30cologneBayern Munich 2017/3/4 (Saturday)22:30mainzWolfsburg, 2017/3/4 (Saturday)22:30Borussia DortmundBayer leverkusen 2017/3/4 (Saturday)22:30Werder Bremendarmstadt 2017/3/4 (Saturday)22:30hoffenheimBecause of the gore Tuesday 2017/3/5 (Sunday)01:30The door is popularSchalke 04 2017/3/5 (Sunday)22:30Frankfurtfreiburg 2017/3/6 (Monday)00:30HamburgHertha Berlin

Augsburg VS in leipzig, RB


In the two sides in the past three meetings, augsburg. 2.

The recent trends 】

Augsburg: negative – the outcome –

RB: in leipzig – win win –

【 little data 】

RB leipzig in the past 7 times in the bundesliga game, there isGoal 6 times more than 2.5.

Augsburg the bundesliga home game three times in the past, each time to concede no less than 2.

【 event related 】

Augsburg last weekend visit to a 2-1 victory over darmstadt, gradually in actively in the relegation.Both lost their past three home, however, as if in the face of the good at the counter-attack, they must improve the balance.

RB 3-1 victory at home last weekend in leipzig slouches cologne, and all the soldiers to fill up with confidence again.However excellent aerial Danish center yusuf – paulsonInjury forced leipzig to adjust forward slightly, but it also freed nabi – keita, he has ability to stand up, will get more freedom on the offensive end.

The threat of a tense battle, a guest RB in leipzig, try a pre-emptive strike.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended augsburg refusal under 1 ball games.

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