W88 casino2016-2017 recommended re-scheduled week 29 matches

March 19, Beijing time at 01:00, 2016/17 season’s serie a round 29 will be launched, the international milan’s against torino, for inter milan to the champions league qualification, it goal is 3 points, but the home team is a formidable opponent.It, the two talented striker will direct dialogue, Kaldi in Iraq and perrault’s performance will be triple substitutions of the game.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/3/19 (Sunday)01:00Turin,Inter milan 2017/3/19 (Sunday)03:45AC milanGenoa 2017/3/19 (Sunday)7:30 p.m.empoliNaples 2017/3/19 (Sunday)22:00Atlanta,Perth cardla 2017/3/19 (Sunday)22:00bolognachievo 2017/3/19 (Sunday)22:00cagliarilazio 2017/3/19 (Sunday)22:00Within the g’sFlorence 2017/3/19 (Sunday)22:00sampJuventus 2017/3/20 (Monday)01:00udinesePalermo 2017/3/20 (Monday)03:45The RomanMr Solow

The Turin VS inter milan

In the history of serie a, inter milan and Turin clash over 145 times, the nerazzurri 65-46 34 have the upper hand.The two sides meet for the first time this season in the 10th round, inter milan home 2-1 defeat in Turin, the Kaldi brace, one of the ball is the final winner.Last season, inter milan had been away to a 1-0 victory over torino, but at home2-1 defeat.The 2015/15 season, inter league is a draw against torino.In general, for inter milan, Turin is a hard to chew bones.


Wolfsburg bundesliga 2016/17 season only online sports club sponsors, also pay attention to other great European football tournament, serie a this season have come to the last stage of the race for champions league qualification is very fierce.At present, the international milan ranked fifth in the league, six points behind the third Naples, under the condition of the league and then there were nine rounds, international milan alsoThere’s hope for next season’s champions league qualification.Nearly two rounds, the inter state is very hot, scoring 12 goals over the two games is averaging six goals.

Turin, currently ranked 10th, avoid relegation, secure at the same time, in the qualification for next season’s champions league is very difficult.Ups and downs, this team only four games recently scored a victory, but home is more strong, this season, the Turin at home only lost one game, they 3 to 1 defeat to rivals Juventus.But at home, they beat roma and fiorentina, draw the roma and lazio.

What to watch for

It the biggest point is the golden boot, at present, the first is serie a top scorer in Turin striker bello (22), and the second is the international milan striker, Kaldi (20), the two hottest striker will direct talks.Kaldi recently scored five goals in three games and status is more outstanding, but bello has scored five goals in the last two home, fire as strong.

For international milan, to get the top three goals this season have not changed, this summer, inter milan want to attract more international joined the team, and the qualification for the champions league next season is important chip.As a result,Inter milan have suitable mishap, for the nerazzurri, this must take 3 points, can continue to biting the Naples and Rome.

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