W88 casino2016 re-scheduled week recommended 30 matches – 2017 method

03:45 Beijing time on March 18, the morning, 2016-2017, the French league round will compete for 30, lille in boni DE Boer stadium against marseille, lille by 9-6-14 league in 33 points ranking 14, marseille with 13-6-10 45 points ranked fifth.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/3/18 (Saturday)03:45lillemarseille 2017/3/19 (Sunday)00:00nantesnice 2017/3/19 (Sunday)03:00macebastia 2017/3/19 (Sunday)03:00Nancylorient 2017/3/19 (Sunday)03:00Toulouse,Ryan 2017/3/19 (Sunday)03:00bordeauxMontpellier,

2017/3/19 (Sunday)03:00angersguingamp 2017/3/19 (Sunday)22:00caenMonaco 2017/3/20 (Monday)00:00DijonSt. dean 2017/3/20 (Monday)04:00St germainLyon

Lille VS marseille,

The data interpretation 】

1, lille trend this season is not stable, advances imbalances obvious cases, the team is not optimistic, the current integral by only 33 points ranked 14th.

2, marseille this season is a big personnel changes, team structure unstable makes it hard for the team’s overall ranking to improve, the current league with only 13-6-10Performance ranked fifth.Did not get the desired effect.

3, in six games, lille record is 2 win 1 draw 3 negative, marseille is got 4 win 2 defeats.

4, the two teams had several past results, clash in the nearly 10 times, lille record is 1-3-6.

【 competition intelligence 】

1, lille match without apparent injuries.

2, marseille patrice evra is absent because of injury.

[dish analysis],

From the above analysis is notDifficult to see, was a battle between two teams score ranking was obvious, obviously marseille in obvious, but this battle, visible lack of clear operational confidence in Marseilles, and that the team away about the downturn, are unable to make substantive breakthrough this season, largely because of the road, the current team on the road only to win three games, fighting capacity is weak, this battle is expected to crisis, under the condition of lack of confidence, advice from lille.

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