W88 casino phone “flash back” problems “tech”

Flash back mobile phone software is a very annoying thing!When we were playing mobile phone, open a mobile phone software occasionally suddenly a flash and then out to the background, or pop up the login dialog.Believe that many players friends met this flash back phenomenon, it is what reason, how should solve?Small make up to you to explain in detail, after watching the technical post, I believe you will not encounter “flash back” after ~

【 abstract 】 flash back, more refers to the mobile devices (such as iOS, Android devices), open the application processSuddenly dropped out of the interruption of chronological happen (similar to the Windows application crashes).More performance is: the application images a flash, and then return to the desktop.

Application to flash back, may have the following reasons:

1, the application itself: the deficiency in the development of application code, causing most of the equipment, when the program is running, flash back.This situation requires developers to solve.

2, equipment problem: mainly includes the systemSystem firmware version does not support, system configuration (CPU, RAM, etc.) is not supported.This situation is shown as part of the equipment to normal operation the program, and other devices can flash back.

When login page version of flash back prompt, please replace the url or restart your browser to login attempts, flash back if still happen, please contact us in time 7 x24 hours online customer service consultation!

Mobile phone software is always flash back?

1, the cache too much garbage 】

At ordinary times in the process of using the software, will produce some junk files, if long time don’t clean up will result in mobile phone card more and more, also can appear flash back.

Enter the Settings – application – all – find a problem application, clear data or cache.

(note: clear data, will remove the application of personal Settings, account information, etc.)

2, to run the program too much 】 【

If not set, a lot of software are running their own, and mobile phone daemonToo much can cause insufficient memory, resulting in the application of flash back.Software such as a flash back to try again after first clean up memory.

3, mobile antivirus software 】 【

Part of the mobile phone software there are malicious code, will be blocked by antivirus software can’t normal into consequently, should be through the green download platform or use the app store to download games higher safety coefficient.

(note: the above three reasons can now be clear through security software, easy to solve. But need to pay attention to delete some largePlease use caution when files.)

4, application version 】 【

If the application version is low, can lead to application software is not compatible, and flash back.If the version is too old, updated to the new version.

Such as the new version if there is a flash back, is applied to version is still in debugging, need not worry, will soon be repaired.

5, the bandwidth issues],

Need a part of the softwareA stable network, using the 3 g / 4 g networks, causing flash back the possibility of more, it is recommended to connect the WiFi using is better.

6, the lack of data packet 】

Some big games need to packets to run.So need to install good packets to use.

7, the system is not compatible with

Part of software version has certain requirements, if the system version is too low, the software can’t beSupport, so will flash back.

8, the resolution is not compatible with

Some software for mobile resolution has certain requirements, if the phone resolution are not compatible, a portion of the software is easy to flash back or other errors.

The android mobile phone flash back how to solve?

1, the flash memory is generally run back “RAM” is not enough.

2, you can go to the computer butler officerDownloaded a computer butler.

3, then the phone through the cable connected to the computer, deep optimization was carried out on the phone.

4, open the computer butler — – software management 】 【 】 【 phone housekeepers 】 – security check-up, clear the cache, uninstall residues, daemon, and since rev item, release your memory, and then play mobile game won’t flash back.

Apple mobile phone flash back how to solve?


App compatibility problem

This kind of situation usually occurs between the old App and a new system.For example: you now has been upgraded to ios10.1, for example, when you install a long time not updated is not compatible with iOS10 App, so probably will appear flash back.Solution is to wait for the App update again after installation.

More than 2, the background program memory

Have to say the iOS optimized do very good, fluency is much better than android.When you open a lot of programs.When the daemon appears too much memory flash back phenomenon occurs when insufficient.Resolve to doMethod: double click the Home button turn off all the App then see out the background will flash back.

3, modify the font from prison

Some prison break users might appear App flash back phenomenon.Especially the beautification to change the font, generally you can change the font of word stock is not complete if encounter no font will appear flash back.Solution: change back to the original font or not escape can solve in general.

4, in the third party tools installation App

A lot of friends like to use third-party tools to install the App.Although in the download software on the phone’s assistantPlay free speed is very fast, but after all, not the original App is easy to appear flash back or pop-up login box.Solution: connect the iPhone on the computer, using a variety of mobile phone assistant built-in flash back repair repair.

Advice: try to myself to register a ID in the App Store to download copyrighted software, the application of the official market after multiple tests, safety flash back phenomenon will not appear again!

If you have other questions, please contact us 7 x24 hours online customer service.IThey will serve you wholeheartedly!

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