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Today’s Texas poker first appeared in front of the Dallas in one hundred.It easy to learn hard for pure game in the past three decades has been widespread, and is favored by chess game enthusiasts around the world.To date, to conquer the world series of poker game poker is the highest honor, also is the dream of every poker.

【 abstract 】 Texas Hold full Texas Hold ‘em poker, Texas poker for short in Chinese.It is a player for player’s public games.At least 2 people a mesa, up to 22 people, aAs is from 2 to 10 people.Texas poker, a total of 52 CARDS, no trump card.Each player points two CARDS as “card”, five by the dealer gradually upward from the public.In the beginning, each player will have two card face down.After all bet on a circle, if still cannot the tie is broken, the game will enter “showdown” level, also is to let the rest of the players with their own card to compete, a big victory.

Usual characteristicsDeposit $10000 every day

Daily characteristic refers to the big margin championship series at Monday to Friday.
A series includes four of the most popular tournament format.
Deposit $10000 every day!Seize the opportunity to attend immediately, to win your favorite tournament prize!

Activity title. Beijing time Buy Deposit Player number at least Normally a rewardAt 19:00 Beijing time.$25The $20009 Texas poker on weekdays00 PM Beijing time.$50The $30009 Ferial in OmahaAt Beijing time.$50The $30009 Repeat daily22:00 Beijing time.(repurchase for $10, plus $10 for $10)The $20009

For juniors

*Texas poker on weekdays, Omaha and juniors run every day.
Through the juniors, the main activities at a cheaper price.

names for juniorsBeijing time Buy Deposit Player number at least Texas poker fast for juniorsBeijing at 7:30 p.m.between$102 tickets6 Omaha fast for juniorsManner of Beijing time.$102 tickets6


Sunday seriesA total of $50000 deposit

Can choose to meet all kinds of large margin championship players a variety of formats and the amount of buying.

Series on SundayThe start time of The < stron g > a game/formatBuy Deposit Happy Sunday17:00 Beijing time.Infinite betting Texas poker table / 6$55The $5000 Hunting on Sundays18:00 Beijing time.Infinite betting Texas poker/cumulative reward$55The $5000 Big Texas pokerAt 19:00 Beijing time.Infinite betting at TexasG/standard tournamentThe $100The $10000 Large Omaha00 PM Beijing time.Bottom pool limit Omaha/standard tournamentThe $100The $10000 VIP SundayAt Beijing time.Game/format: infinite betting Texas poker/standard tournamentThe $250The $10000 Double entry on Sunday22:00 Beijing time.Game/format: infinite betting Texas poker/repeat, purchase$25The $10000

(* before the start of the main activities, the first series of juniors held Sunday. Through the juniors, the main activities at a cheaper price.)

names for juniorsTime (Beijing time), Buy Deposit Player number at least A quick happy SundayFor juniorsTicket is$112 tickets6 Hunting for juniors on SundayThe same$112 tickets6 Big Texas poker for juniorsThe same$101 tickets6 Large Omaha for juniors18:30$101 tickets6 VIP heavy purchase juniors on Sunday18:30A $51 tickets6 Big Texas poker fast for juniors18:30$202 tickets6 Large Omaha fast for juniors7:30 p.m.$202 tickets6 VIP juniors on Sunday7:30 p.m.$251 tickets6 VIP fast juniors on SundayManner of$502 tickets6


Lucky guy
The rules

Lucky guy is to make people excited Texas poker full play.

Wheel of fortune at least three players to rotate.

Every revolution will give players won three.

Wheel of fortune/percentage bonusThe

The probability of Fortune cookie50% X4 buying42% By 8 to buy8%

Wheel in the fortune cookie stop running, all players will receive a fortune cookie, the game ends.

Collect 10 card, can get bonuses!

The blinds structure/starting chip
$1 to buy Starting chips:100 The level of Bb match 12/43 25/106 310/206 420/406 530/606 650/1006 7100/200∞
$5 to buy Starting chip: 500 The level of Bb match 15/103 210/206 325/506 450/1006 5100/2006 6200/4006 7500/1000∞
$15 to buy Starting chip: 1500121988121219823 87 The level of bb Match 115/306 230/606 375 / 1506

r4150 / 3006

r5300 / 6006

r6500 / 1,0006

r71,000 / 2,0006

r81,500 / 3,000∞






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