W88 casino2016 recommended re-scheduled week 21 matches – 2017 method

Method of 2016-2016 season yet 21 when the wheel in early January 21 03:45 ushered bastia VS nice play, although in the recent 6 times between the two sides against bastia scored three wins and a draw 2, performance is not poor than rivals, but from the point of the performance of this season ligue 1, bastia or difficult to compete with nice, so the game both sides against the might as well look good nice win win in the end.

The date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/1/21 (Saturday)03:45bastianice 2017/1/22 (Sunday)00:00nantesSt germain 2017/1/22 (Sunday)03:00bordeauxToulouse, 2017/1/22 (Sunday)03:00caenNancy 2017/1/22 (Sunday)03:00Dijonlille 2017/1/22 (Sunday)03:00guingampRyan 2017/1/22 (Sunday)03:00maceMontpellier, 2017/1/22 (Sunday)22:00Monacolorient 2017/1/23 (Monday)00:00St. deanangers 2017/1/23 (Monday)04:00Lyonmarseille

Bastia VS loch

1. Bastia on one game against Nancy on the road.Rival power is weak in some, the game and opponents played pretty stalemate, but the road is 0 to 1 lost to rivals.

2.Two games after the winter break bastia by opponents scored seven goals in total.Their condition is very poor.

3. Bastia now is 20 points, ranked in the 17th, but only mace is more than the last two points, at any time are likely to fall into the relegation zone.

4. After the winter break, nice cup in France’s 2-1 defeat lorient, on a home game against the league last mace, they also just 0-0 draw.

5. The first game this season, bastia once drew 1-1 draw at at loch.The

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: this than recommended bastia refusal under 0.5 goals wins.

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