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Beijing time on September 13th (Sunday) at 21:00, is about to usher in the Italian football league 2015-2016 in the third round, below small make up a few games to bring you a simple analysis and event management.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2015/9/13 (Sunday)00:00Flo elsinore withinThe Roman 2015/9/13 (Sunday)00:00FlorenceGenoa 2015/9/13 (Sunday)02:45Juventuschievo 2015/9/13 (Sunday)18:30veronaTurin, 2015/9/13 (Sunday)At 21:00empoliNaples 2015/9/13 (Sunday)At 21:00Sally soloAtlanta, 2015/9/ 13 (Sunday)At 21:00sampdoriabologna 2015/9/13 (Sunday)At 21:00PalermoCarl skin 2015/9/14 (Monday)00:00lazioudinese 2015/9/14 (Monday)02:45Inter milanAC milan

1, Juventus VS chievo. “

Juventus 37 games in the pastSerie a are unbeaten at home, in the past five times against chievo win.Juventus’s unbeaten home record has continued to 43 games, all games unbeaten record until 15 games, nearly all three games.History of the two sides met 25 times, Juventus have 17-7-1, 46 ball 21 goals, including 12 times against chievo unbeaten at home, with eight wins 4 flat, throw 12 goals scored 24 goals.

Chievo 19 fight 4-6-9 18 points, top serie a league 17th.Four league games recently, both party’s goals per game below 2.5.After three consecutive games without a win chievo fell 17, now has a chance to be more than them, Carrie, leah will they flung to the relegation zone, to the detriment of situation.

Optimal DE w88, western sports remind: chievo are likely to follow verona’s, were juve bloodshed.The gap between them is enormous, chievo are no match for the bianconeri.For chievo defence is the only survival, but they are in Juventus stadium, 90 minutes is easy.

2, ,Inter milan VS.AC milan

The 2015 guinness book of World Cup against inter milan, AC milan milan’s poor can use to describe this season.In 2015, milan with a dismal record, first is hard to find a serie a win in January, then a collapse in the sprint phase of the season, the two waves “skid”.

AC milan in recent against Lyon and lai, Virginia.In the game against Lyon is a 2-1 loss.After 10 rounds before the start of the season, AC milan serie a championship ranked third, the team’s goals into a qualifying for the champions league next season.ACMilan last period of the season, turned into a real “contend for the hopeless, relegation unconcerned” garbage time.

Optimal DE w88, western sports remind: the two sides are now extensive use of new stage, and they have some players in without success.Look from the risk from the peak, milan primary wins the biggest risk, suggest can focus on AC milan to let the ball positions.

“The Italian football league third round, 2015-2016″, die another day please look!

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