Recommend w882016-2017 bundesliga 21 matches

03:30 Beijing time on February 18, the morning, the bundesliga round 21 first game will be in the city of augsburg west Gerry arena was the first to start, by the augsburg sat at home against “pharma” bayer leverkusen.The home team augsburg average play this season, currently ranked 13th in the league, distance from the relegation zone has the advantage of eight points.

Date of Time The The visiting team 2017/2/18 (Saturday)03:30augsburgBayer leverkusen 2017/2/18 (Saturday)22:30mainzWerder Bremen 2017/2/ 18 (Saturday)22:30Borussia DortmundWolfsburg, 2017/2/18 (Saturday)22:30FrankfurtBecause of the gore Tuesday 2017/2/18 (Saturday)22:30Hertha BerlinBayern Munich 2017/2/18 (Saturday)22:30hoffenheimdarmstadt 2017/2/19 (Sunday)01:30Hamburgfreiburg 2017/2/19 (Sunday)22:30The door is popularRB leipzig 2017/2/20 (Monday)00:30cologneSchalke 04

augsburg VS bayer leverkusen

Both sides in augsburg 3-3 draw at home last season, game, scored 3 goals with south Korean foreign aid augsburg zi zhe, help the team 3-0 lead early, and that is the only team of 3 ball advantage in a bundesliga games.

Augsburg goalkeeper as Mr, bundling the ball home in two years ago against pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical factory goalkeeper Lionel against augsburg in October 2015 when shot into the career the only goal.

twoTeam in the past 11 times in Munich in the bundesliga, augsburg not one win, after suffering to 7 in a row, the last four games ended in a draw.

Lars. Bend over the past six times on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry to play, the team won 4 of these victories, while, in the absence of the captain, the team’s winning games clearly weakening.

Nearly four times the two sides met all guild wars, and is close.Pharmaceutical companies play erratic this season, the biggest problem is that the team’s defensive end mangled, manager need to take to improve this problem.Fortunately, hernandez recovery will greatly improve the pharmaceutical factory’s offensive firepower, match against the ballTeams will want to take three points.Augsburg face teams this season is always out of puff, strength flat they find it hard to cause too much of a threat to pharmaceutical companies.

Augsburg league performance.On a game on the road, the score 2-0 loss to mainz, they ended their winning streak.Now only ranked 13th in the league.But augsburg not avoid relegation pressure, they can leisurely play in their own home.And their defense is better.Now they only have 24 goals conceded, belong to medium level.Augsburg put main energy on the defensiveOn, of course, will affect the offensive.

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