Recommend w882016 re-scheduled week 26-2017 method matches

On February 18, 2017, Beijing time at 3 o ‘clock in the morning 45 points, a 2016-2017 method currently sit round focal point fights in 26 Almaden, surrey compete on the pitch.The 19th league ranked bastia against ranked first in Monaco.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/2/18 (Saturday)03:45bastiaMonaco 2017/2/19 (Sunday)00:00marseilleRyan 2017/2/19 (Sunday)03:00angersNancy 2017/2/19 (Sunday)03:00caenlille 2017/2/19 (Sunday)03:00lorientnice 2017/2/19 (Sunday)03:00macenantes 2017/2/19 (Sunday)22:00bordeauxguingamp 2017/2/20 (Monday)00:00LyonDijon 2017/2/20 (Monday)00:00Montpellier,St. dean 2017/2/20 (weeksA)04:00St germainToulouse,

Bastia VS Monaco

Battle history:

Bastia nearly eight times in the French league against to Monaco, are clearly in the side, only have to bear, have 1-7.Though this battle at home also is doomed, I’m afraid.

The home side are:

At Toulouse on round of league, bastia to is to lose one array, and the team 4-1 swept away by rivals, the leagueTime extended to the six games and lost the ball in every game, defensive performance was disappointing.They are currently in the league game round, 22 points by the penultimate league table by goal difference advantage, zone 4 points behind, avoid relegation pressure is quite serious.Fortunately striker striker enzo condition is not bad, but also difficult to save the power of the Lord.

The visitors are:

Monaco’s overall performance has been pretty hot this season, the league has 58 league held the top, leading the Paris saint day, three points behind.The recent round of French league, the team welcomed homeBattle mace, falcao scored twice, and admire more a hat-trick, strike state unstoppable, final with a 5-0 slaughtered, harvest 11 games, keep 3 successive premiership matches unbeaten.The entire league no rival seems to be able to resist the Monaco wheel, even the ligue 1 giants Paris holy man is not to stop at home to Monaco to rob.

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