Recommend w88 casino2016-2017 west re-scheduled week 24 matches

Beijing time 03:45 a.m on February 25, 2017, west re-scheduled week 24 round the first battle.Las palmas at home in the face of the royal society.Las palmas in the la liga middle position at present, the overall performance of the season and is quite good, now ranked 12th in the league, did not avoid relegation pressure, so the team’s recent overall performance is relatively general.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/2/25 (Saturday)03:45Las palmasThe royal society 2017/2/25 (Saturday)00 PMAllah’svalencia

2017/2/25 (Saturday)Hands onbetissevilla 2017/2/26 (Sunday)01:30He indeportivo 2017/2/26 (Sunday)03:45Mr Anwarmalaga 2017/2/26 (Sunday)At 19:00The Spanishosasuna 2017/2/26 (Sunday)Hands onAtletico MadridBarcelona 2017/2/27 (Monday)01:30bilbaogranada 2017/2/27 (Monday)01:30gijoncelta 2017/2/27 (Monday)03:45villarrealReal Madrid

Las palmas VS royal society

Two close, the royal society a round ball was negative end straight heart has unwilling, but las palmas league more than half and so far only 1 league defeat of bullish spread into fighting and you today.

The data analysis

1, las palmas is the team strength of medium in la liga, before they are basically in the downstream position.

2, the game before las palmas ranking on the 12th.Their integral is 28 points and 12 points more than the back of the relegation zone.Basic no relegation.

3, las palmas last three matches, all lose.And that they only scored one goal in three games.

4, the visiting team is now ranked fifth in the league.They and the back of the team only two points difference,So if you want to keep the European qualification requires hard work.

5, the royal society on the road only lost to real Madrid, etc. The stronger team, this is a good news.

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