W88 screenshots tools tutorial visitors

In our work and life, often without some screenshots or screenshots.Not only can transmit information simple and intuitive, and very convenient!So, today small make up to you some convenient screenshots tools, get new skills together ~

Method one: computer native screenshots tools

First of all, would you please open the computer.Click desktop left “start” and select “attachments”, can see the screenshots tools 】 【.

You can also in the “search programs and files”, manual input “capture”, can appear “screenshots tools”.The diagram below:

The selected “screenshots tools”, click “new”.The diagram below:

Hold and drag the left mouse button, select the screenshot area can complete screenshots.Click on the “chat” to save the screenshot 】 【 save screenshots to your desktop.The diagram below:

Method 2: QQ screenshots shortcut function key The

Please open and login QQ, at the same time press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + A 】 【, hold and drag the left mouse button, the selected screenshots area.(can be hidden in the QQ on the computer desk operated cases!)

You can also open a chat window screenshot.Click on the “small scissors” – a screenshot.The diagram below:

QQ screenshots tools is also very rich diversity, set up of different functions.The diagram below:

After cutting the figure in the chat window, move the mouse to click the right pictureKey, click the “save as” to save to your computer desktop picture.The diagram below:

Method 3: computer screen

Please choose you need screenshot of the page, to put on the computer desktop.And then lightly press the keyboard directly F12 right 【 Prtscn SysRq 】 button, the computer will automatically screenshots.The diagram below:

Open a document, Word and Excel.Then hold down the keyboard at the same time [Ctrl + V] paste the picture the articleProfile page.Click the “save” to your desktop.The diagram below:

This method can only capture page full screen computer, unable to capture part of the area.If you need a high definition screen screenshots, you can try this shortcut.

Other: third-party screenshot software

In addition to commonly used screenshots tools mentioned above, there are third party software screenshots.Small make up not to introduce one by one here.You can baidu search screenshots tools name, download to try.The diagram below./ p >

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