W88.com method recommended re-scheduled week 27 matches. 2016-2017

Beijing time of 2:00 a.m on February 25, 2017, 2016-2017 France’s serie a round will be 27 nantes vs Dijon, nantes nearly six matches get 1-2-3 grades, teams in the league back in.Dijon 2-4 success nearly six matches, the team in the league – less, more fighting history nearly six times the neck with two wins and two draws and 2 defeats.

Date of Time the home team, The visiting team 2017/2/25 (Saturday)2:00nantesDijon 2017/2/25 (Saturday)03:45niceMontpellier, 2017/2/26 (Sunday)00:00guingampMonaco 2017/2/26 (Sunday)03:00angersbastia 2017/2/26 (Sunday)03:00lillebordeaux 2017/2/26 (Sunday)03:00NancyToulouse, 2017/2/26 (Sunday)03:00Ryanlorient 2017/2/26 (Sunday)22:00St. deancaen 2017/2/27 (Monday)00:00Lyonmace 2017/2 /27 (Monday)04:00marseilleSt germain

Nantes VS Dijon,

Both teams were not in the best shape, nantes index backed, porous Dijon attack but not common defense.Nantes is currently ranked 13th in the ligue 1 with 30 points, and the best overall performance.Round trip on team play well in the near future, with 1-1 draw, nearly 2 rounds of league wins a flat, a state upward trend is obvious.Dijon, currently ranked 17th in the ligue 1 with 27 points, and avoid relegation is the primary problem.No team in recent progressSmooth, round trip on 2-4 big defeat to Lyon, nearly 5 game 1, ball up to 11 grain, the defensive end needs to be strengthened.

【 strength fighting spirit 】

1. The middle and lower reaches of the team nantes ligue 1 25 war 30 points ranked 13th, three points with a game ahead of the relegation zone.

2. Dijon away game 2 balls 3 loss, while on the road loss rate is much higher than 61.5% failure rate of 23.1% of the home team.

3. The French championship Dijon 27 points from 26 games by goal difference advantage among the relegation zone, no. 17.

4.Nearly six times the competition the two sides met Dijon two wins and two draws two unbeaten negative rate was 66.7%.

“Data analysis”,

1, nantes now eight about 6-11 ranked 13th in the league, 4-3-6 in home league performance, scoring just 0.62, compared with 1.46 in goals conceded a league more than 3.

2, Dijon now have six about 9-11 ranking league 17th has stepped into the degradation area, during which the guest war 1-4 flat 8 is not good, is averaging 1.15 goals, goals conceded is highUp to 2.

3, both sides in the recent 10 meetings, nantes made 5-3-2 advantage, break up even if meet again in ligue 1 and 3 years nantes could still 1-0 win on the road to rivals.

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