W88 awards and enjoy yourself in the casino, optimal DE to send $66 prize

Slot machines like the lottery, optimal DE qi celebrate with you!The big winners are solicited!Who sent the winning screenshots that have a chance to get an extra 66 yuan bonus, share your joy together ~

Rules and terms:

  1. The event began in 00:00:00 feb 20, in 2017And by the end of 23:59:59 feb. 28, 2017, (Beijing time).
  2. This offer is only the optimal DE W88 registered members.
  3. Members need to edit the email to [protected] email & # 160; mailbox, send the screenshots for the week ending only of winning the bet and application to be valid.
    Email titleSend screenshots,
    : the lotteryContent: the user name, winning the game platform, the name of the game and winning note number, simple winning shows clear awards screenshots.
  4. This offer is only applicable to exhibit the optimal DE W88 winning number, all slots are eligible to attend.
  5. People who are more than 10 times compensation or bonuses and accumulative total prize pool of more than 30000 yuan of above, contribute to winning screenshot of the page to send, can participate in this activity.
  6. Will be announced merit winners screenshots, who adopted by our members, we will give a RMB 66 bonus.
  7. Bonuses for all classes will be distributed every Monday 18 points and unified, achieve 5 times water withdrawals (except poker).
  8. Can be used in conjunction with other promotional offers to share unless special instructions.
  9. Optimal DE W88, shall have the right at any time, in view of the individual and/or all members, suspend or cancel the preferential activities.
  10. Optimal DE W88, general terms and conditions and rules applied to this offer.

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