W88 casino phone quick pay online

Mobile phone online fast landing pay now!Deposits, seconds seconds to take all, the most convenient way of payment, hand anytime and anywhere.Easily deposits, optimal DE help you out!

Without using online banking, alipay and WeChat, only can complete deposit bank card account operation.Come and try it ~

with small make up

Please input your phone url: M.w88win.com , and then enter your optimal DE W88 【 account 】 and 【 password 】 and click “login” choose “money management】.The diagram below:

Click on “deposit”, select the [payment], manually enter the deposit amount] [bank] after click “submit”.The diagram below:

This quick deposit provides multiple public bank, for you have more choice space.

Click “next”, enter your “unionpay card number” (credit card/debit card/pass can be).Then according to the prompt page fill in your payment password bank reserved phone number 】 【 】 【 mobile verification code] [id] below:

(note: if you do not have open unionpay quick payment card, the first is the need to operate according to the following way. Unionpay pay has been connected, only need input the card number, your id number, mobile phone to receive verification code, namely deposit success!)

Pay for success!

Check whether to account?

Success to zhang!Enter the website and then click the “money management”, select [history], click on the “deposit/withdrawal”, select the query “start time” and “endTime], click on the “submit”.The diagram below:

Each operation steps, small make up have give you specific introduction and detailed screenshot, hope I can help you to quickly complete the payment operation!

Quick (warm prompt: this online payment, just support the mobile version.)

If you have any question in the process of deposit, please contact us in time 7 x24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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