W88.com method recommended re-scheduled week 24 matches. 2016-2017

Beijing time at 2:00 on February 8, 2017, will usher in the 2016/2017 season method currently sit 24 rounds of competition.By the caen in Mitchell ora stadium against bordeaux visiting;Caen in ligue 1 has arrived in the third year, has maintained a good performance, can for such a small club have been in ligue 1.Both sides have different goals, the game is worth looking forward to!

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/2/8 (Wednesday)2:00caenbordeaux 2017/2/8 (Wednesday)2:00Montpellier,Monaco 2017/2/8 (Wednesday)04:00St germainlille 2017/2/9 (Thursday)2:00angersRyan
2017/2/9 (Thursday)2:00bastianantes 2017/2/9 (Thursday)2:00lorientToulouse, 2017/2/9 (Thursday)2:00LyonNancy 2017/2/9 (Thursday)2:00maceDijon 2017/2/9 (Thursday)2:00niceSt. dean 2017 /2/9 (Thursday)04:00marseilleguingamp

Caen VS bordeaux

【 match analysis 】

1, the home team caen in 25 points from 22 games ligue 1 row of 16, 5 three wins and two draws unbeaten at home recently, home fighting well.

2, the visiting team bordeaux in 23 ligue 1 round of 33 points ranked seventh in the league, lost just one of their last nine games, road lost just one of their last nine games, recent state well.

3, caen in the recent 10 times against bordeaux 4-3-3, in the recent 5 home, 2-1-2 caen, neck and neck in the two sides met.

In front of caen in this season, the match only got 7-4 and 11, temporarily ranked around the relegation zone.Caen in a game against guingamp, they rely on the goal of abdul kalam time to beat the opponent in overtime.After got the three points, they two points clear of the relegation zone.Caen front mainly based on mulberry is believed to live, he has scored 10 goals this season, aGame he got the goal.

The visiting team as the shelter-forest ligue 1 side.Temporarily in rank seventh at the end of the season, the result is 8-9 and 6.Four points less than the war zone.The bordeaux is a game 1 at home reading.This is their last three league games only a sheet.While on the road they must first ensure their clean sheet, the gap between the two sides should have a ball, the home side a better chance of winning.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended caen 0.5 1 ball games.The

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