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02:30 on Saturday, Beijing time on September 12, coming fourth round of the 2015-2016 the German bundesliga game, Below small make up to bring you a simple events analysis and event management.

game timeTime The home team The visiting team 2015/9/12 (Saturday)02:30 Xing Hamburg 2015/9/12 (Saturday)At 21:30, bayer leverkusen, Darmstadt, 2015/9/12 (Saturday)At 21:30, Bayern Munich in Augsburg, 2015/9/12 (Saturday)The andTate for al goreWolfsburg, 2015/9/12 (Saturday)At 21:30, Hannover 96Borussia Dortmund in 2015/9/ 12, (Saturday)At 21:30, Hertha Berlin, Stuttgart, 2015/9/13 (Sunday)00:30 Frankfurt, Cologne,

2015/9/13 (Sunday)At 21:30, Hoffenheim. Werder Bremen 2015/9/13 (Sunday)30 Schalke 04Mainz

1, bayern Munich VS augsburg,

Bayern Munich 76 points was ranked no. 1 in 31 games, leading the second wolfsburg, 14 points, have harvested the bundesliga champions in advance, think of three successive championships.On the team’s recent performance is not very ideal, round away in the 2-0 defeat at bayer leverkusen in the league, can be understood as the champions league force, the following disappointing performance in the champions league first leg, finally finished 3-0 defeat to Barcelona at their feet.After losing the game, not only in 2 consecutive defeatStrike, and the prospects of the champions league qualifying bleak.After the game from the mill and pep guardiola of discord.

The progress of augsburg, obviously, in 31 rounds of league ranking n0.6 43 points, have a great chance for Europe to enter the next season.On the road this season’s performance is very bad, 4-11 15 league away.Team’s recent poor state, nearly five rounds of the league has 2 minus 1 win 2 draw, nearly five get all on the road.On round league 0-0 draw against cologne at home, in time to stop.Augsburg this is not good to play, on the one hand, a backlash from bayern Munich desire, on the other handFrom the trailing disadvantage, nearly six meetings in 1-5.

Optimal DE w88, western sports remind: bayern’s situation is not optimistic, in the champions league defeat to let them have no retreat, and the next is the champions league against Barcelona, it is difficult to play with all my heart, I’m afraid.Are filled with all sorts of bad news, while bayern Munich was restored with a victory at bayern Munich.Advice can focus on the home team to let the ball positions.

2, ,Bayer leverkusen VS darmstadt,

Bayer leverkusen once for bayern last seasonMunich, formation pressure, also fell to sixth, but ultimately rely on after the process power over schalke 04 and augsburg, grabbed the last a ticket for the champions league.Damage is impressive, bayer leverkusen last season the team scored 62 goals, after scoring 80 goals in wolfsburg, bayern Munich and 72 goals.

Darmstadt opening 2-2 draw at home to hannover 96, promoted the bundesliga debut draw first.Team was a draw is lucky, the dabie-sulu to opponent an own goal, if the hannover 96 el butyl put a penalty kick in, the final score may not beIs a draw.Darmstadt nearly two flat 1 win, win a 5-0 win the German cup is Edna brooke, the two games are played ball.

Optimal DE w88, western sports remind: darmstadt nearly two flat 1 win, win a 5-0 win the German cup is Edna brooke, the two games are played ball.

“The German bundesliga round 4″, 2015-2016, die another day please look!

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