Recommend premier league 2016-2017 25 matches

Beijing time on February 11th night 20:30 points, 2016-17 25th round of premier league season will continue to be launched, Arsenal will be in the home game against hull city, Arsenal to continue playing champions, the game the gunners for error.

Date of Time The home team The the visiting team 2017/2/11 (Saturday)Manner ofArsenalHull city 2017/2/11 (Saturday)23:00Manchester unitedwatford 2017/2/11 (Saturday)23:00middlesbroughEverestmeal 2017/2/11 (Saturday)23:00Stoke cityThe crystal palace 2017/2/11 (Saturday)23:00sunderlandSouthampton 2017/2/11 (Saturday)23:00West hamWest brom 2017/2/12 (Sunday)01:30Liverpoolspurs 2017/2/12 (Sunday)At 21:30burnleyChelsea 2017/2/13 (Monday)00:00SwanseaLester 2017/2/14 (Tuesday)04:00bournemouthManchester city

Arsenal v hull city,

Point 1: Arsenal refused to row!

In the pre-match press conference, arsene wenger says Arsenal at present, there is still hope to win the premiership but from the point of the table, Arsenal have 12 points behind Chelsea, so if the gunners would also like to compete for the premiership title this season, then any one game for them is a decisive battle.The game heThey will welcome the challenge of hull city at home, if Arsenal like it did against watford wasted opportunity and their title hopes will increasingly slim.On record, the two sides in the first leg game Arsenal 4-1 victory over the tigers, last season’s fa cup game both teams have had meetings, the two sides in the opener within the draw, replay by Arsenal win 4 balls.Giroux, and the little tiger successively in the

A brace of games, almost three times against hull city, one walcott scored 3 goals, this time he can play again “dozen tiger hero”?Worth waiting for.

Hull city have 2 point is not a tiger lame duck!

Hull city’s nickname is the tiger, and their recent state is very good, there isn’t a tiger team fall pingyang, the performance of the past four rounds of the premier league and they got the excellent record 2 win 1 draw 1 negative, and the four opponents were bournemouth, Chelsea, Manchester united and Liverpool.Successive challenges thus seen as will overwhelm the tiger’s the last straw, but accident of a hull city opportunity to turn over, except by leaders Chelsea first, Manchester united two goals against Liverpool at home again, today’s hull city just a victoryThen have the opportunity to get rid of the relegation zone, they can escape the relegation zone after the game?It is also worth attention.

Point 3: K6 a word can cheer the team?

After the defeat to Chelsea, Arsenal skipper, he says the team wants to win the premiership title this season is difficult, and he also expressed dissatisfaction, the performance of some starters French people think that part of the starting players not to be able to take out a convincing performance, the team’s performance is not as a whole, less running restricted the tactics of the team.Arsene wenger in the pre-match press conference on coase cherA word explained, and the K6 natural speech also for encouraging the team, the game of Arsenal’s starters can be K6 woke up a word?Nature is a big attraction, in addition, Arsenal twice in the past against hull city are some staged a brace, sanchez, giroux, walcott had on hull city scored two goals, this time the gunners if anyone can continue to brace is worth looking forward to.

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