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Beijing time 03:45 a.m on February 11, 2017, 2016/17 of Italy’s serie a round, 24 SAN paolo stadium in Naples against Genoa, napoli now 14 league win six negative 48 points 3 ranked third in the league, premier league rivals Genoa 5-7-10 16th 22 points in the league.The home napoli’s goals this season, averaging goals and averaging possession are high on the first serie a.

The date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/2/11 (Saturday)03:45NaplesGenoa 2017/2/12 (Sunday)03:45Florenceudinesein 2017/2/12 (Sunday)7:30 p.m.Within the g’sThe Roman 2017/2/12 (Sunday)22:00Inter milanempoli 2017/2/12 (Sunday)22:00PalermoAtlanta, 2017/2/12 (Sunday)22:00Mr Solowchievo 2017/2/12 (Sunday)22:00Turin,pescara 2017/2/13 (Monday)01:00sampbologna 2017/2/13 (Monday)03:45cagliariJuventus 2017/2/14 (Tuesday)03:45lazioAC milan

Napoli vs Genoa

The score data 】 【

1. The Naples on staged a game passion war.They are on the road is 7 to 1 victory over bologna.Ham andTwo people such as scored a hat-trick.They are not and the players scored a penalty.

2. The Naples is 48 points, now temporarily ranked third, with their less than 2 points, the second Roman at the current situation, and the Roman in less see who make mistakes.

3. The Naples recently is five wins and a draw at home, their home record is quite good.Just a draw at home to Palermo on some accident.

4. The visiting team is a team strength in general, their basic is the middle level.At the end of the season ranked in the relegation zone near the performance for the time being.

5. Genoa on Mr Solow and lost one game, in the recent eight games and I suffered much.Still quite difficult.

[dish analysis],

The strength of the contrast between the two sides have very obvious.Due to the home side’s recent offensive state is pretty good, a bullish on the home team victory.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: 1.5 2 ball recommend Naples let the game wins.

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