W882016 recommend 20-2017 bundesliga matches

Beijing time 03:30 a.m on February 11, 2017, the German bundesliga 2016/17 season first game will be the 20th round in the German city of mainz beauty opel arena, including the United States to team will be in the home game against mainz augsburg team.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/2/11 (Saturday)03:30mainzaugsburg 2017/2/11 (Saturday)22:30Bayer leverkusenFrankfurt 2017/2/11 (Saturday)22:30Due to theGore TuesdayBayern Munich 2017/2/11 (Saturday)22:30RB leipzigHamburg 2017/2/11 (Saturday)22:30darmstadtBorussia Dortmund 2017/2/11 (Saturday)22:30Werder BremenThe door is popular 2017/2/12 (Sunday)01:30Schalke 04Hertha Berlin 2017/2/12 (Sunday)22:30Wolfsburg,hoffenheim 2017/2/13 (Monday)00:30freiburgcologne

【 thanAccording to 】

Mainz is the German power stronger team, they are still in the Europa league team.But the poor performance this season, they only ranked 13th in the previous contest.

2. Mainz three games after the New Year doesn’t get victory, mentality is very irritable.In fact they the last eight games and only 1 win games.

3. Better mainz home record, 27 goals in the premiership two-thirds come from home, they still need to make good use of their own home.

4. Mr GusFort on a match against werder Bremen at home, by his own stoppage time winner win 3-2 score reverse opponents.

5. Augsburg league performed well recently, scored five goals in two games, two games have been achieved.

[dish analysis],

The visiting team’s defensive ability is actually good, such a process, is surely of great surprise.Preferred guest wins the game, the second main is better.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended augsburg refusal under 00.5 the ball games.

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