W88 casino2016-2017 recommended re-scheduled week 22 matches

January 29, 2017 (Beijing time) 01:00, lazio vs. chievo re-scheduled week 22 round.By the home side lazio against the visiting team chievo.The home side lazio serie a fourth current season, and the visiting team chievo current serie a season ranked 13th.Two teams on the strength still has certain gap.

Date of Time the home team, The visiting team 2017/1/29 (Sunday)01:00laziochievo 2017/1/29 (Sunday)03:45Inter milanpescara 2017 /1/29 (Sunday)7:30 p.m.Turin,Atlanta, 2017/1/29 (Sunday)22:00cagliaribologna 2017/1/29 (Sunday)22:00Within the g’sempoli 2017/1/29 (Sunday)2200,FlorenceGenoa 2017/1/29 (Sunday)22:00sampThe Roman 2017/1/29 (Sunday)22:00Mr SolowJuventus 2017/1/29 (Sunday)22:00udineseAC milan
2017/1/30 (Monday)03:45NaplesPalermo

Lazio vs. chievo,

1, lazio lost a total of 14 games last season, including 13 games lost the ball for the above two goals, there is no lack of among them is more than a big score.Defensive concerns.

2, the lazio defence this season to improve a lot, since then the team league situation optimistic, current home-country crowd21 rounds, the team got the 12-4 flat 5 grades, league ranked fourth with 40 points.

Three main personnel, cut woburn season change is very small, on the season goalkeeper bizzarri leave, but to fill into the goalkeeper sorrentino Palermo.Also buy the standard liege winger BoKu, basically use the team’s first team last season.

4, the current chievo in the situation of mediocrity, league record is 7-4-10 of negative, with 25 points ranked 13th.

5, there have been a number of results, two teams past recent 10Clash times, lazio’s record is 5-3 flat.

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