W88 casino2016 re-scheduled week 22 matches – 2017 method is recommended

Beijing time on January 28, 2017 03:45 points, method for 2016/2017 season yet 22 rounds of competition.Against the two sides of the game is at home against to challenge [marseille] [montpellier].

Date of Time The home team The the visiting team 2017/1/28 (Saturday)03:45marseilleMontpellier, 2017/1/29 (Sunday)00:00Lyonlille 2017/1/29 (Sunday)03:00angersmace 2017/1/29 (Sunday)03:00bastiacaen 2017/1/29 (Sunday)03:00lorientDijon 2017/1/29 (Sunday)03:00Nancybordeaux 2017/1/29 (Sunday)03:00Ryannantes 2017/1/29 (Sunday)22:00niceguingamp 2017/1/30 (Monday)00:00Toulouse,St. dean 2017 /1/30 (Monday)04:00St germainMonaco

Marseille v montpellier,

Marseille has not been found after the winter break, two wheels lose the game by a large margin, in December to get the advantage of squandering gradually, the current drops to table 7, distance from the top of Monaco has as many as 18 points in the distance, want the championship just days seemed fanciful, more can expect is prove team rushed into the war zone, so it they will go all out, stopped, followed up beforeThe opponent;And in montpellier, also haven’t won victory after the winter break, cup defeat to Lyon in France, respectively, in the league at home for Dijon, lost away to mace, only 2 points from the relegation zone, pressure is quite large, the biggest task is to do our best in every game, to stay in ligue 1.

The score data,

Marseilles recently against strong teams, they lost at home 1 in 4 to Monaco, and there’s a 3 to 1 defeat to Lyon.We were down two games in a row, slipped to rank seventh.


2. Marseille is 30 points, now has seven points and the theater.And ranking in front of them is st. dean and guingamp those teams, a bit strange.

3. Montpellier, now is 23 points, although temporarily is ranked in the 13th, but they two points clear of the relegation OuDeMei, only just.

4. Montpelier road grades particularly poor, their last game away from home and even lost 2-0 to mace, and before they against Lyon, strength of strong teams last fiasco is 0 to 5.

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