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Deep sea big winners take you explore the mystery of the endless treasures, simple creative machine table games so you can’t!USES three strong guns captured 20 different types of deep-sea creatures, use of small equipment function increase the hit ratio, capture jinlong to win 888 gold COINS!Wonderful season, every gun will let you happy surprises oh ~

Game using new technology and special effects, and integrates all kinds of style, makes every effort to build a new fishing game!Applied the latest 3 d technology and PT platform appears more three-dimensional lifelike picture, the setExclusive building background sound meter, and more rich and interesting game, is make the fishing game at the beginning of 2017′s most high-profile video games.

“Deep sea big winner” for PT platform’s fishing game, so you need to put your money transfer to Andy (PT reality + slots) 】 【 wallet can play.The diagram below:

After the transfer, select [game] – [deep sea big winner] – [immediately game].The diagram below:

Deep sea big winner goal is to win by shootingCash prize.By a great number of video game enthusiasts attention for a long time, the red list quickly jumped to first become popular game!There have been many fishing enthusiasts into the more new and interesting fishing class game.Take a look at how the fishing game ~

eye to attract many players


Click on any of the three optional game mode a start the game.Shooting position was located in the middle of the game at the bottom of the window, click on the game at the bottom of the window [-] and [+] button to select the number of COINS.Aimed atAfter direction, click on the screen to shoot at any position.To adjust gun aimed at the direction of the moving the mouse, press the blank space key on the keyboard to shoot, each by a fire at a time.You can also use the function of automatic fire shooting, the game will be at a constant speed in the direction of the mouse cursor refers to auto shot.Blank area of the double click to open the game window automatic fire mode.Move the mouse cursor to adjust the direction of the bullet.Click on any blank area can end auto shot mode.

Game mode:

“Deep sea big winner” game there are three kinds of gameMode.Each game mode has different bets on the forehead and different number of gun.The diagram below:

Game mode Bet can play the gun 11 the & # 8211;9 COINS1 210 the & # 8211;90 COINS2 3100 the & # 8211;1000 COINS3

Cash and coin rate: $1 = 10 COINS COINS 1 = 0.1 RMB

Small make up PT game wallet balance is: $482.5, so the amount of COINS is: 4825.Golden dragon room, for example, coin bet limit: 100-1000.You can click on the [-] or [+] weapons size adjustmentEvery time, will be multiplied by the number 10 COINS.The diagram below:

PT client has synchronization on new “deep sea big winner”, allows you to leave out of the login page.The diagram below:

PT client and web pages and style are consistent.The diagram below:

Deep sea big winner as high as more than 20 】 fish catch, surprise uninterrupted, every shot told., guarantee every bullet hit the fish.Function built-in bounce game, until to fish will disappear, never waste your every bullet!

If you want to query the betting record, just page button in the top right corner of the wrench is in the game, click the choose after, the game record 】 【 in the case of a normal game, because the system will automatically change to customers shells, ten hair at a time.So the system will according to ten rounds of integer amount record this period of time spending and income levels.The diagram below:

If you want to see more detailed information, you can click on one of the code, to see the fishing record.The diagram below:

The most important of all, here is not “fishing” but”Fishing! “over his volley of pleasure, is characteristic of PT. Grab the deep big dragon, a gun together ~

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