Recommend west yet 20, 2016-2017 matches

Beijing time at 19:00 on January 29th, the 2016/17 season, west yet 20 rounds of focus is fighting wars, real betis at home against Barcelona, Barcelona’s recent league form, while betis encounter strong weak, it is difficult to give it the home team Barcelona makes them.Lionel messi and suarez at present state, two people have hope again at the same time.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/1/28 (Saturday)03:45osasunamalaga 2017/1/28 (Saturday)00 PMvillarrealgranada 2017/1/28 (Saturday)Hands onAllah’sAtletico Madrid 2017/1/29 (Sunday)01:30Mr Anwardeportivo 2017/1/29 (Sunday)03:45He incelta 2017/1/29 (Sunday)19betisBarcelona 2017/1/29 (Sunday)Hands onThe Spanishsevilla 2017/1/30 (Monday)01:30bilbaogijon 2017/1/30 (Monday)03:45Real MadridThe royal societywill 2017/1/31 (Tuesday)03:45Las palmasvalencia

Betis VS Barcelona in

In league history, a total of the two sides met 101 times, Barcelona 61-20 level 20, the goal for a 231-109.From the point of historical record, Barcelona has obvious advantages.In addition, the two sides in the first leg clash of the season, 6-2 victory over Barcelona at home betis, jareA hat-trick, while messi scored 2 goals, too.

State resolution:

Difficulties at the same time at real Madrid, Barcelona has rediscovered the state, in the league, their last two games madness has scored nine goals, rival las palmas and Mr Anwar basic didn’t strike back.Currently, Barcelona played a game more than two points behind leaders real Madrid, ranked third, the championship is still promising, but the premise is that Barcelona are not wrong.

Betis 13th at present, the last two games, they lost 1-0 to atletico Madrid, 0-0 draw against sporting gijon, this season, betis have never winning streak in the league, were explained the team strength is limited, and illustrates the team form volatile ups and downs is bigger.Apart from 2 to 6 defeat to Barcelona, betis face real Madrid and atletico Madrid and sevilla teams all lose, is clearly a encounter strong, the weak team.

Look out for:

La liga this season a interesting phenomenon, top scorer of two goals in the same common lead, but the two men is not messi and cristiano ronaldo, but messi and his teammates suarez, the situation in world football league is very rare, for now, Lionel messi and Sue god are scoring 15 goals, has alreadyBy the third leading cristiano ronaldo three goals.It, Lionel messi and Sue god who can dominate worthy of attention.

As a result of the real Madrid game a day late, if can defeat Barcelona betis, integral can lead against real Madrid.In addition, the day when the annual lunar calendar, the Barcelona fans in China, where many if Barcelona win, also be gave barca fans of the Chinese New Year gift.

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