Recommend – Belgium VS Ireland w88 European championship tournament

Beijing time on June 18th evening at 21:00, group E euro 2016 second round, Belgium and Ireland will compete in bordeaux stadium.Belgium unbeaten Ireland in recent 50 years, this time they also want to be able to win victory occupy the initiative.

Belgium VS Ireland

Against history. “

Belgium the FIFA rankings is second, Ireland’s FIFA ranking is 33.In the countryA level of history, Belgium and Ireland had 13 meetings, Belgium has achieved 5-5-3, scored 25 goals, lose 13 goals.

Belgium at the European championship opener against Italy, the team had the upper hand in the opening a period of time, but has been ascertained in tactics after the appearance of many with improper error, finally they lost 2-0 and back, the team morale hit.Belgium is now the biggest two core azar and DE brow internal communication is not much on the course and play at the same time also failed to produce a good chemistry, gestures are dissonant sounds coming from the teamMood is not very harmonious, although coach motz majesty, but only to force balance, coaching ability being questioned.Belgium lack of passion in the game, all depends on the individual skill and performance offensive, defensive end impatience and not cooperate, present a slick signs.Belgium never lost to Ireland for 50 years.In the competition in the face of Ireland recorded 2-5 flat unbeaten.

Ireland E team in Europe are the weakest team, but the overall performance of the first side gained the upper hand, the team has the strong will to fight and war, opening to obtain one point also can let the players haveMorale boost.Ireland there is no history of the clash against Belgium in recent years, but the current squad consists of most of the premier league, the core players have quite familiar to the Belgium, should have enough psychological preparation, not disadvantage on the situation.Irish nearly five European championship events recorded two wins and two draws, ball rate 20%, win plate rate was 80%.

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