W88.com 2015-2016 French optimal DE W88 】 【 bundesliga round schedule 5

02:30 on Saturday, Beijing time on September 12, will soon celebrate France football league 2015-2016 the fifth round, here small make up a few games to bring you a simple analysis and race.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2015/9/12 (Saturday)02:30Paris st germainbordeaux 2015/9/12 (Saturday)23:00Lyonlille 2015/9/13 (Sunday)2:00lorientangers 2015/9/13 (Sunday)2:00Montpellier,St. dean 2015/9/13 (Sunday)2:00niceguingamp 2015/9/13 (Sunday)2:00Toulouse,lance 2015/9/13 (Sunday)2:00troyescaen 2015/9/13 (Sunday)00 PMAjaccio shawMonaco 2015/9/13 (Sunday)23:00nantesRyan 2015/9/14 (Monday)03:00marseillebastia

1, Lyon VS April

Kirchhoff s Lyon midfielder fee (4 starting 4 assists). 1 round hat-trick and contribute a assists, but later onThe French national team game right knee cruciate ligament rupture, is expected to take out half a year, was scheduled on Tuesday in the surgery was postponed.Miss back injury on round forward card zett started (3) to injury at the weekend.Malaga Spain international midfielder joined daalder in 12 million, warren Sean, 18 years old French U19 international salter DMC chart to 2.5 million euros.

S main lille and cloth, (4 starting 1) cumulative suspension at the weekend.The last day of summer lille for euro 1 million with Lyon’s 20 years old French striker in this province, in 1 millionEuro signing of caen, 21, French striker south, another from ivory coast in Abidjan on loan to the ivory coast attacking midfielder, 19, luxasia.Striker Ryan mendes is checked out to the salty forest, 25, versatile French striking de-lin luo is checked out to caen.

S nearly 16 clash at home to a 9-6-1, Lyon, nearly six times battle lille 5 1 small.

Optimal DE w88, western sports remind: the score recommendation: 3:1 Lyon refusal under

2, troyes VS caen,

S go up marsa matrouh tile opening four games, finished before the transfer window closed deals added strength, signing free agent, 24, a French defender John marluxia er (Manchester united’s new signing marluxia brother), on loan at henk zaaiman 27, South Africa’s defender gong card and Toulouse, 27, Serbia’s elite kovacs, from warren Sean’s team B signing the 19-year-old French under-17 international midfielder, d.

S caen fiasco in league two defeats, the backbone of the dyed red damian da silva (4 starting 1) penalty was suspended for two games.Main striker south gith for 1 million euros for lille, andMoving to caen, striker de-lin luo is on loan.The left brake imogen lu (2) has not been training.With slavia Prague contract expires to restore a free agent, a 30-year-old France and Algeria bulger horse is in caen array trial.

S troyes season league refers to lose, but across the season unbeaten 14 war at home, total 9-5, 19 war unbeaten league season is across, aggregate (13).Caen across the league season 3 6 win after losing, now it is 2 losing.

Optimal DE w88, western sports remind: recommendation: the score 2:1 troyes refusal under

The “French football league round 5, 2015-2016″, die another day please look!

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