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Traditional dragon play, more exciting experience, three table Long Huren you select, random betting, more exciting optimal real entertainment city longhu trio to meet you, immediately log in the game!

Dragon “is one of the most popular casino card class projects. In the position of the” dragon “and” tiger “factions of a card, more size, points of one party to the victor.

The oldest order to K, and A minimum, regardless of the color.Card the size of order is as follows:

K (13), Q(12), J (11), 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2,

(1) A

“Dragon” and “tiger”,

“Dragon” or the “tiger”, to gain points older for the winners.When you bet on “dragon” or the “tiger” either side, and win, will not be take any commission.Unless the result is a draw, will devote 50% of the amount as commission is extracted.


“Dragon” and “tiger” to get the same points (no color), is the draw.

Single/double dragon and tiger


Bet “dragon” or the “tiger” single card for the “single” or “double”.Will not take any commission.

When the “dragon” brand surface is 7 PM, betting “dragon” and “double dragon” (no color)
When the “tiger” brand surface is 7 PM, betting “tiger” and “tiger” (no color)

Bets on single/double dragon and tiger single/double only 35 before every shoe brand bureau to participate in.

After the diagram below, log in the game, you can be a reality page, longhu trio of the stateThe game] directly into the game.

You can be in three Zhang Longhu tables any betting game at the same time, increase your profit opportunities.


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