W88 optimal DE club – black jack (GPI)

Blackjack game is a very interesting game, first appeared in the 16th century, started in France.If you get A “dirty” “A” and “dirty”, “J” will give bonus, English name is black jack (Blackjack).


Blackjack game is the player and the four tables location and banker gambling game.Can hold an unlimited number of players in the game in four players playing table location.A number of playersYou bet on the same position.Bet if two players in the same position, one of the players can choose suspension of another player can choose to continue to.In this case, the banker will send CARDS from other locations, but choose suspended players will not receive a card.

The rules of the game:

  • Blackjack game target is the player and banker’s card which is closer to 21 points, more than 21 points do not count
  • In 21 points can calculate into 1 or 11 o ‘clock, A male brand company at 10 a.m.,Other according to its value corresponding to the CARDS.
  • Combination of ace for A A and numerical brand of black jack for 10 o ‘clock, winning bets will be 1.5 times
  • players to bet

  • If the player points than the banker points closer to 21 points, the players to win an equal amount of bet amount
  • If points higher than the blackjack player blast card lost this bureau,
  • If the player and have the same points from the banker CARDS (17-21 points), will be returned to the principal.

“The strong> 21 points in the rules of the game to follow the golden club rules of the game, the following rules to add other rules:

  • 17 points were suspended
  • zhuang

  • Players cannot break up already open hand of CARDS.
  • Only faces to the talent points for A or 8
  • In points allowed after double
  • Banker in any circumstances are not allowed to interrupt 21 points.If the player and banker with 21 points, will be returned to the principal.
  • Double only allowed in the first 2 CARDSThe
  • points to 11 o ‘clock

  • If the player and banker double the first card point value is 10, banker won 21 points, players only lose first bet.
  • In theory to eight consecutive CARDS without blasting card case, your hand will automatically win, unless the banker is black jack (21 points).

How the game:

  • Within a limited time to bet, once selected betting position banker will put the card distributed with a specified placeCan also be betting on the card.
  • Players will initially have 2 CARDS, banker will get 1 card is
  • Start at the start of the game from the desktop 1 Po card can choose: To brand, suspension, double And in situations where it is necessary to buy Insurance
  • When selecting Double , you will see your bet to double, double the amount will be deducted from your balance.
  • You must be within a specified timeIf there is no choose betting type, select the system will be automatically suspended.In case of need to deal if there is no selected distribution system will automatically default to give up,
  • If a position players blasting card (if all players choose to brand and blasting) automatically end this round.Banker’s second card will come out will not begin the third card.


Based on the optimal strategy, only the combination of A and 8 will be automatically activated points.This case, you can choosePoints or to abandon by default.If you don’t want to points card will choose to give up, you will leave the game, full refund of the principal.Out if you choose points CARDS, card will pay the same amount of bets, points card bets will be deducted from the account balance. Points after every hand can choose brand, suspended, or double.


  • A card points CARDS only points
  • at A time

  • A card points after CARDS and other 10 of 21 points as ordinary 21 points instead of black jack. “
  • If you don’t have enough money to deal, the system will not be assumedRow as giving up

The best strategy:

In the case of points card, can choose to CARDS, suspension, give up or are based on the optimal strategy on the basis of

Player 2 CARDS beforeYou can choose Ace, AcePoints, give up 2, 2To brand, suspended 3, 3To brand, suspended 4, 4To brand, suspended 5, 5To brand, suspended 6, 6To brand, suspended 7, 7To brand, suspended 8, 8Points, give up 9, 9To brand, suspended 10, 10To brand, suspended J, JTo brand, suspended Q, QTo brand, suspended K, KTo brand, suspended

The double:

The current two board surface points to 11 o ‘clock, allowed to double.Bet to double (stakes out from under the account alone), distributed bets after double banker will only 1 card.

  • Double handing out a card only after
  • If you don’t have enough amount of money betting on a double, the system will automatically cancel the double betting

Side note:


In 21 points insurance is considered to be a kind of its own strategy.If the card is A piece of A banker, do you have A chance to buy insurance.When you buy insurance, do you have a gambling banker 21 points.If you think banker may have a 21 point, this lets you try your best to protect themselves.Buy insurance, insurance “by clicking the button, the money you have for your first bet half the gold time.If the banker does have 21 points, you will be the odds of 2-1 by insurance bets get bonuses.If banker no blackjack, you lose the insurance bets.


  • Insurance devote time and other betting
  • types of bets at the same time

  • If you don’t have enough amount of bets insurance, the system will cancel insurance betting

Perfect for brand:

Perfect for brand is betting on the player 2 CARDS or banker before the 2 pair of CARDS, can also betting on banker to the card or player to the brand.

Player perfect for / zhuangPerfect for brand

Betting rules are as follows:

  • Perfect player to win a card need players before 2 CARDS are “perfect brand” “the same color to” brand “mix the CARDS”,
  • Banker is perfect for brand banker before 2 CARDS are required for success “perfect brand” “the same color to” brand “mix the CARDS”
    • Perfect sent color odds to win a brand according to the desktop odds, need the players or banker CARDS are the perfect pair, for example, a square 4
    • For card sent with the color on the oddsAccording to the desktop odds, need players or banker is the same color on the card, such as square 4, and the hearts of 4
    • Mixed color for CARDS sent color odds in accordance with the desktop odds, need players or banker is mixed color to the brand, such as: square 4 and 4
    • of spades

  • Can be betting on a player at the same time to the brand and banker to
  • No betting regular note can’t bets by before


pay Win the games1-1 insurance2-1 Black jack (21 points)3 of 2 Give up points card100% of the principal returned Give up points card6-1

The same color on card12-1 The same color on card25-1


  1. Pin card
    • Each round of four CARDS will not be used in the game before
    • If there is no able to pin card, the game result is invalid.If there is no influence the outcome of the game, it will be corrected later in
    • manager reserves the right to cancel this hand.
  2. The public brand
    • In all the games, in any game betting exposed CARDS (except pin card) boots
    • results will be regarded as invalid

    • In all the games, in any game betting exposed CARDS (except pin card) boots
    • results will be regarded as invalid

  3. Out of the extra card (away)
    • In the game after the start of redundant CARDS will not affect the results of
  4. Drop the card
    • CARDS in the reshuffle process did not show in the video, will pick up the pin and reused.
    • If exposed to the outside didn’t see the video card will be used again.Otherwise, the specific match invalid, brand boots start again.
  5. Sent the wrong card
    • Wrong card will separate out on the spot, to send CARDS.
    • Managers have reserves the right to cancel this hand.


  6. Licensing machine card
    • Licensing machine card manager shall have the right to repair in time, after the manager reserves the right to cancel this hand.
    • If before licensing machine card blackjack game has already started to send CARDS, banker CARDS the first card not 10 points, or A, while the winner will still send the color.
    • If prior to licensing machine card has won the CARDS, bonuses will still send the color.
  7. bolt
    • Under the condition of the bolt, the system will default, were suspended in pointsThe system will default to give up

Questions about the game please contact online customer service 24 hours a day, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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