Recommended – Hungary VS Portugal euro w88 matches

00:00 on June 23, , 2016Hungary VS Portugal, The two sides are expected to start: Hungary: Kiraly, lang, especially haas, ancient mizpah, Qatar, klein hayes, granite, najib, DE seuss Isaac, pulis gold, and bell;Portugal: Patricia theo, vieri Virginia, pepe, ricardo carvalho, elie zerhouni, William – ricardo carvalho, muti mourinho, renato -Sanchez, quaresma, cristiano ronaldo, what.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: Portugal – 1 ball.

Cristiano ronaldo can break demons: as one of the most eye-catching star in the European championship, ronaldo’s performance in the first two games, against Austria on cristiano ronaldo and even missed a penalty.Round at the end of the Portugal will usher in a fight, the Portuguese fans were put hope in cristiano ronaldo, real Madrid superstar in nearly a month ago to resist pressure led the merengues, lifting the champions league trophy this time he can break from demons led Portugal teamTo qualify?

Group two rounds of home-country crowd, was considered the most weak groups of Hungary before the top spot by 4 points, the game team as long as humans can ensure outlet.Team in the first two rounds can make a good record, rely on the remains of his defense, their two full-backs in assists, rarely with ZhongChangChuan is given priority to, the chances are in the frontcourt with fewer troops practical to cooperate to complete.Veteran goalkeeper kiraly although the play has a fatal error, but the other time or high pick up against many shot saved rivals, front RuDe zack height has a career, but in the team still plays a noThe role of the alternative.

Portugal two rounds of only 2 points, the game, that is, if a draw to qualify is not insurance, can only ensure outlet to get the three points.Just beyond the figo become caps record holder cristiano ronaldo is also under a lot of pressure, after all, his penalty miss, let the team failed to get the three points, and Lionel messi in the America’s cup performance is very good.Before the two games in front of the opponent play on the counter-attack, the team on the offensive end or lack of patience, although C Luo Nengli is very strong, and what can be better than the club, the national team but bordeaux legion or lack of one of rui- costa playmaker, defence older, at present although defensive haven’t suffered too much, but once in the knockout, the hidden trouble of the team is still a lot.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend Portugal let the game 1 ball games.

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