W88 and reality lotus officer play three games

Small make up to you to introduce a new kind of real casino games: thereof.Three (3 Face / 3 Picture) is baccarat play a deformation.Members and the banker bet points, gambling card number, can also bet on special card type.Bet, rhythm and lively, simple welcome in the new game.The game’s goal is to try to get the highest card type!

Three games is consisted of a deck of CARDS.All the male card (K, Q, J) and 10 calculated at zero;Other according to the card to calculate points (A means1).

System issue three CARDS to each player and, in turn, zhuang;Such as “three fairs”, “double male 7″, 9 “high card point” and so on each kind of card type has its corresponding to the size of the order.

The biggest card type are “three fairs”, is composed of three card male;Other card type, are calculated according to three seats on the board surface to points, the highest is 9 points (total score 10 or 20, need to minus the corresponding beyond) respectively.


  • In our platform game, there are three sent home, and a banker.Licensing order spare 1, 2, 3, and three CARDS in sequence.
  • Players can bet three spare any one;The calculation of winning or losing depends on the CARDS — the facing ratio.
  • In our three games we don’t charge a commission, bet win/lose, win prizes is 1 to 1;In addition to the following two special case is 2-1 to pay compensation (50%) :
    • Betting “win”, any combination of idle to 6 win (type card # 11 and # 12 and # 13);
    • Betting “lost”, zhuang in any combination of win at 6 (type card # 11 and # 12 and # 13);
  • Results when the bureau is flat, betting on “win/lose” will be returned.
  • Side note 1 compensate 18. Draw a draw, when idle faces — the size of the same size as CARDS, for example: single male draw at nine o ‘clock
    • Player: J of spades, hearts, 3 square. “6
    • Zhuang: spades Q, ten of hearts,Square, 9
  • Side note “three fairs” 36-1.”Three fairs” J, Q, K three winning any three of the
  • “To the above” is to provide the three idle (idle 1/2/3) as well as the team’s bets.Odds and rules are as follows:
    • Flush: Refers to the three pieces of the same color in hand and continuous.For example: 8 has, has 7, 6 has
    • Article 3:Refers to theThe three card as the card in hand (color).For example: 10 ♠, has 10, 10 ♣
    • Shunza: Referring to the hand of continuous three CARDS (both colors), A but can small.For example: 8 ♦, 7 ♣, 6 has
    • With the cost: There are three kinds of refers to the hand of the same design and color CARDS (continuous) is not required.For example, has 10, 4 has 2 has
    • Child: refers to a on the surface of the CARDS have two copies of the same hand.For example: A ♣, A has, 8 ♦

Members can bet has the following options:

Idle 1: win, lose, and, thereof, to more than
Idle 2: win, lose, and, thereof, to more than
Spare 3: win, lose, and, thereof, to more than
Banker: the brand more than


note: the above each bet as well as to the brand odds please see send instructions.

Card points:

Thereof to points to compare the size of the combined CARDS, plus the male card (J, Q, K) to change the size of the card type.
Male and 10 points to “0″, other CARDS can be calculated by card points, total more than 10 or 20 to take its bits figures.

Male brand with “P” to represent, 1 card and shown as “P”, two male card shown as “P” 2, 3(three) is shown as “3 p”.

Card for display methods of “brand + points”, such as get card male with points 1 and 8, shows the P8, card male with points and 2 to 0, shows “2 p0″.

The biggest type as the “three fairs”, followed by “double male 9″;Without public card in the card type, the biggest type of 9 points, the design and color of poker without any influence.

Both points with male card number for and at the same time, the emergence and card, membership if bets “lost” or “win” the return on the forehead.

The baseThis type of brand size:

Thereof (3 p) J, Q, K for double male 4 (2 p4) 2 card for, another 1 CARDS for 4,

Double male 9 (p9) 2 2 card for, another 1 CARDS for 9 single male 4 (P4), one card for total points is 4,

Single male 9 (P9) one card for, 4 (4) the total points is nine total points is 4,

The definition of “for the above”:

Flush: hand in 3 CARDS for continuous and the same design and color CARDS, such as “10, J, Q”, A but can usu. in two lines.

Three: hand 3 CARDS are the same brand of the brand, such as “10,10,10″.

Shunza: hand continuously for three of the CARDS, such as “10, J, Q”, regardless of design and color, A but can usu. in two lines.

With flowers: hand in the 3 CARDS are the same color (need not be continuous), such as “2, 7, Q”.

A pair of:Hand of 3 CARDS two points at the same time, as a pair, such as “10, 10, Q”

Note: The biggest type “flush/shunza” to “Q, K, A”, the smallest card type for “A, 2, 3″, no “K, A, 2″ this combination.

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