W88.com’s euro 2016 final 1/8

Then there is 1/8 of the tension/final, Beijing time on June 25 at 21:00 on Saturday, for the first time in Switzerland will against Poland, who will win?Let’s wait and see!

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe home team 2016/6/25 (Saturday)At 21:00The SwissPoland 2016/6/26 (Sunday)00:00walesNorthern Ireland 2016/6/26(Sunday)03:00CroatiaPortugal 2016/6/26 (Sunday)At 21:00The FrenchThe Irish 2016/6/27 (Monday)00:00GermanySlovakia 2016/6/27 (Monday)03:00In Hungary,Belgium 2016/6/28 (Tuesday)00:00ItalySpain 2016/6/28 (Tuesday)03:00EnglandIceland

Swiss VS in Poland

In the first game will be in 1/8 final strength close to between Switzerland and Poland.Which team if you speak more, then, with the German golden boot mili gram of lai and ajax waist front of Poland on the offensive end clearly will be more sharp.

The Swiss group 1 win 2 draw, the team the second line.Conceding two goals in the group, 1, team offense.But the team can draw host 0:0The main French, also manifests the defensive ability.Polish group 2 win 1 draw, the team the second line.Two goals in the group clean sheets, defensive ability is stronger.From the point of two groups of opponents, level.

Switzerland VS Poland historical confrontation record:

The two teams have met 10 games in history, Switzerland 1-4 flat 5 at a disadvantage, lost 11 goals in 20 goals;No clash in two teams in the history of the record;Two teams have met eight games in the friendly, Switzerland 1-2-5 at a disadvantage, conceding 11 goals in 16.Two team strength.

rickEuro and team record: 1-2-0 Switzerland total goal: euro 2

Poland’s euro record: 2 win 1 draw 0 negative Poland for European cup goals: 2

Switzerland and Poland are the finish of second knockout, two team strength in equal, of course in terms of team name, lai wan, lead Poland or more than Switzerland.Game with no results, the possibility of Poland’s unbeaten is larger.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game like PolandWins.

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