W88.com’s euro tournament recommended – Italy VS Spain

On the morning of June 28, Beijing time 0, 1/8 the euro 2016 finals in focal point war, Italy and Spain will be in st denis run-off.Forward to recreate history repeats itself, the last final Spain, Italy, the desire for revenge.

Italy VS Spain


Italy (343) : buffon/barzagli, Mr, chiellini/Florence, paro, daniele DE rossi, damian/Ed, pelle, jia Carey,

Spain (433) : DE gea/Juan Francisco moreno fuertes, Gerard pique, sergio ramos, alba/cesc fabregas, busquets, andres iniesta/silva, maura tower,,

Is nearing an end, while, 1/8 European cup final drama always ahead, however, as with all European World Cup champion team super squad partitions, half of its most striking the focal point of the war still falls on the Italy VS Spain tomorrow.

What to watch for

The last European cup final replay: twenty four years agoThe final 12 European cup final, Italy and Spain.When Spain 4-0 sweep the Italian championship winner.Players score, silva and alba still appear in the tournament matador legion array, but not for torres and mata.Four years later, the two teams met in the 1/8 final ahead of time.Repeat the previous final, Spain continue to battle or Italian revenge?This is the focus of the whole attention.

Three even kill Spain: consecutive European champions in 2008 and 2008, and both tournament they beat Italy.This time if I canEnough to realize the three even kill the azzurri, claim to an unprecedented three-peat solid step.Group at the end of the round, Spain defeat to Croatia, while their European championship race stage clean sheets record also stopped in 734 minutes.This time hope back in Spain, a group round defeat at the end of the haze.

Threat of war of contradictions: the Italian make people sit up and take notice performance since the tournament, although the group at the end of the round defeat to Ireland, but that was in the first two rounds have all booked their promotion cases.Three games Italy just lost a ball, after a clean sheet of Germany and Poland,Italian football special magic weapon without losing the defense.Not surprisingly, the azzurri’s still offering a defensive strategy and Spain.A war of conflict is inevitable.

As the focal point of this war relatively weak side, Italy to win over the strong Spain, priority may be the Italian defender.As their own housekeeping skills, take charge of stunts in Italy against Belgium and Sweden developed to get incisively and vividly.Italy, on the other hand, need to keep in good shape and distance, to alert the Spanish omni-directional three-dimensional offensive formation, at the same time, on the basis of do a good job in defense of threateningBlow.Comparing four years ago, the gap between Italy and Spain have decreased significantly, the indications are that 28, close to meet friends is going to be a good war.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: let the hemisphere recommended Spain win the game.

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