Recommend – Sweden VS the Belgian euro w88 casino games

03:00 on June 23, , 2016Sweden VS in BelgiumThe two sides are expected to start: Sweden: Isaacson, olson, glen qwest, linde rove, Johnson, fox berry, up, ek dahl, larsson, ibrahimovic, keisuke DE;Belgium: Kurt tuva, senior, alder WeiLeiEr DE, vermaelen, Mr. Tong heng, because the golan, victor Selma, cardLasker, Germany in the brow, azar, luca library.

Optimal DE western sports starting grids, Belgium – 0.5 – the ball.

In the list of all-time scorers for the euro to 6 balls, zlatan ibrahimovic is in third place temporarily, from the first gap platini has three goals.Media supposed, the Swedish pop is expected in the group stages is data update their goals.But after the first two rounds, zlatan ibrahimovic particles without charge.By this time the Swedish pop can rate team escapes?This became the biggest attraction.And across the zlatan ibrahimovic, with 400 million hao arrayIn Belgium’s star-st�, DE brow, azar, luca libraries such as well as the colour of a golden generation, the game will be transformed into “lyu3 bu4″ three British war scenes.

Sweden is regarded as the ibrahimovic one team, the team all tactics is to expand around zlatan ibrahimovic, but in the front of the group 2 round, Sweden’s performance is disappointing, they first draw with Ireland, then was dead, Italy is currently only 1 points, team ranked at the bottom.If this time against Belgium, Sweden can beat an lock basic quota.And, once unable to beat his opponent, Sweden will be eliminated.Ibrahimovic 2 in front of the war game played very hard, but still not scoring goals for the team and with this war rivals Sweden on the overall strength or there is a big gap between Belgium.Under the condition of a fight, zlatan ibrahimovic can show how the performance is remarkable.

Belgium a 2-0 defeat to Italy, in the first round performance is disappointing.But fight the Belgian 3-0 romped to Ireland, the team’s performance is get, especially in Belgium on race under the condition of a one goal lead, Ireland has been unable to concentrate on defense, but fulfilled the Belgian super strong offensive ability, finally after a victory, greatlyUp the morale of the team in Belgium.Belgium three points currently ranked third in group a, this war team wins or draw with Sweden to the identity of the second group got the certificate of qualification and the team once lost, is likely to be eliminated.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended Sweden the transferee hemisphere.

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