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Beijing time on September 13 at 02:30 (12 evening local time 20:30), the third round of the Spanish, atletico Madrid at home against Barcelona.

Injury list missing

Atletico Madrid in

Unknown: tiago (midfielder)

• tiago is atletico Madrid is currently the only injured, if necessary, nigel’s readyReady to start.

The attack was down to, martinez is expected to replace fernando torres, but the sheets legion of torres is trust.

The game, cork and oliver should be guarding flanks.


Injured: Douglas (right defender/midfielder), alves (guard), bravo (keeper)

Suspension: pique (central defender)

Unknown: roberto (midfielder)

• bravo may not weeks, that means, the root straw will bear the burden of goalkeeper.So far this season, bravo for Barcelona played three games, the red and blue conceded just 1 ball.He’s injured, was a heavy blow for Barcelona.

, due to the peak is still in ‘, so vermaelen is expected to continue to play the role of defensive core.

, roberto has minor health problems, but he may once again to adjust to the right-back’s starting position.

Event looking forward to

The horseDelhi sports (no. 3, 6 points) :

Spanish the first two rounds, consecutive victory over atletico Madrid, parma and sevilla, made a perfect start, their goal is to the next level in the league.

Atletico Madrid defender felipe think this is a “good-looking, difficult, the intensity is great”, he said the team is full of confidence, hope to be able to continue in the first two games.

Barcelona (no. 4, 6 points) :

In the win overAthletic bilbao and malaga, barca need to beat more powerful opponent, in order to prove his supremacy.

Bravo absent because of injury, the germans, root straw is likely to be the game’s starting keeper, so, he will play for Barcelona in their debut in the premiership.

The data of

Atletico Madrid in

Nearly 38 la liga home, atletico Madrid, 36 games unbeaten.

Nearly 8 la liga, atletico Madrid, one of themSix games to keep clean sheets record.

Nearly 10 games against Barcelona, atletico Madrid all competitions, including eight games, the two sides tally averaging less than 2.5.

Atletico Madrid la liga home nearly seven games, including six games, the two sides tally averaging less than 2.5.


Barcelona away nearly 11 la liga, including 10 game victory.

Nearly nine la liga, Barcelona, including eight games record keeping clean sheets.

Barcelona,The nearly four matches against atletico Madrid were the victory.

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