W88.com’s euro 2016 semi-finals

Euro 03:00 Beijing time on July 7, the morning, to the semi-final.After 48 games, European now only four teams still fighting on the battlefield.Portugal, wales, Germany, and France became the final four.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 20167/7 (Thursday)03:00Portugalwales 20167/8 (Friday)03:00Germanymethodcountries

Portugal vs. in wales


And wales, according to uefa’s official Portugal clash three games, the Portuguese 2-1 have the upper hand, seven goals in four balls.The three games are all friendly, the most recent one in 2000, is a 3-0 victory over Portugal.

Watch a: C McCullough European history the first person?

The European championship, cristiano ronaldo scored 2 goals in the third group, swept away before unloading into depression.The two goals helped Portugal in the group into the round of 16.One 8 finals against Croatia, although ronaldo not scoring, but his shot was saved just had dead goal of ricardo quaresma.Portugal on penalties in the quarter-finals of the beat Poland, cristiano ronaldo to resist pressure into the first penalty.

In four European championship, ronaldo has scored eight goals, his total score ranking first euro distance platini only 1 ball.Semi-final against wales, ronaldo will match or even break platini’s record?

What to watch for2: create bell rate team?

One of the main aspect is can bear the game tied Glenn boltzmann.After three group games, bell every game, scoring three goals, he is also the most popular of the European cup top scorer.One 8 finals, although the bell had no goals, but it was his passing from Northern Ireland iron WeiMaiKao oolong, to win the Derby victory of England wales, into the top eight.The quarter-final, bell didn’t able to score.

After the bell had ambitious goal is to win the European championship, wales cross Belgium this line, bellTeam, the game will usher in the strong Portugal, bell will score close to Glenn boltzmann charts thanks position?It is worth mentioning that bell and cristiano ronaldo has become a real civil war.

However, in the game and Belgium, ramsay got a yellow card, therefore, he will miss and Portugal’s semi-final, you know, the euro, Aaron Ramsey has sent out four assists, assists the top ranked, his absence to overestimate the impact of wales.This also because of accumulation of suspension, Davis cannot attend the semi-final.

Third point: PortugalPortugal’s six consecutive draws into the finals?

Group three games, the Portuguese lian, Austria and Hungary, Iceland, with four grades the best team in the third identity into the top 16, 1/8 finals, Portugal in 90 minutes and draw with Croatia, quarter finals, Portugal and Poland guild wars still draw with 120 minutes, their five games are within 90 minutes to draw!The game, Portugal will not draw in 90 minutes and wales?The 2011 copa America, Paraguay’s in the final, Portugal will follow the footsteps of Paraguay?

optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend wales let the hemisphere wins the game.

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